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Saibo mballowA 30 year old Gambian who was residing on Campbellton Rd in Atlanta Georgia in the United States was shot dead on the early hours of Saturday morning August 13th 2016.

While the circumstances behind Mr. Mballow's death is yet to be determined, rumors has it that Mr. Mballow was shot by his girlfriend who he lived with on Campbellton road. Others
suggest his girlfriend's 10 year old son did it accidentally. Atlanta Police are still investigating the case and yet to release any report.

Saibo was the son of Mr. Kerema Mballow (from CRR) who passed away in Atlanta in 2008 and Ms Mariama Janneh (From Sukuta).

Saibo Mballow was from a very good family. He has 4 sisters. Adama Mballow taught English in China before moving to Saudi Arabia where she now resides, Fanta Mballow is in the US army while his baby sister Soffia Mballow is in the US Air Force. His mom Mariama is a graduate of Georgia State University with a PhD in Medical Research.

His Funeral service (Salatul Janaza) was held on Sunday at the Masjid AL Muuminoon on Hank Aaron Drive in Atlanta. He was buried at the Muslim cemetery in South Atlanta.

Our condolences to the Mballow family around the world. May Allah grant Saibo the highest Jaanah. Ameen.

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