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Born and partly raised in The Gambia, Mrs. Fatou Cham Jallow is a young Gambian entrepreneur currently residing in Raleigh-North Carolina in the US. Mrs Jallow started her early childhood education in the Gambia and completed Middle and High School in the US before getting married to her husband Abass Jallow who is a very good soccer player. As often said “behind every successful man, there must be a woman”, Fatou is a very family oriented woman who stands by her husband Abass come rain come shine. The young couple who are both in their late twenties own one of the biggest and most popular African stores in the heart of Raleigh which is managed by Fatou. Unlike most of their peers who are busy still “enjoying live”, Fatou and Abass sacrificed a lot of pleasure to start a family at an early age. The happy couple have 2 happy boys who they are raising in their home in Raleigh coupled with running a full time business and other engagements. Despite all obstacles, they are determine to break the barrier and became successful entrepreneurs in the US. And yes, they are indeed in the right direction.

We all know how hard it is to raise a young family in the west with little or no help.  Mr. and Mrs. Cham seem to have deleted “failure” out of their vocabulary. They have worked together as a family for the past 5 years to establish their business juxtaposing it with their family responsibilities and other philanthropic engagements.

For they have not rushed to achieve success and nor have they tried to force their way to make it. This is made evidence in the way they set up their business using a proper business plan until it was fully established and they still continue to expand it.

In late 2013, with the support of her husband, the beautiful Fatou Cham Jallow made an announcement to launch the first ever Cosmetic line by a Gambian.  Since after the announcement, she’s had sleepless nights looking for a manufacturer, distributors and putting together an online virtual store for her customers around the world to have easy access to her products. Mrs. Jallow also embarked on an intensive online campaign promoting her brand.

After a whole year and half of consistent hard work, dedication and perseverance, the proprietress of Fabs Fashion Cosmetics is ready to launch the first and only cosmetic line by a Gambian.

Recently, there has been a massive online campaign by Gambians around the world to support our own which is a very good idea and matter of fact, it is past due. The reality is though; there shouldn’t be any campaign appealing to people to support anything if it is good. It is high time that Gambians start to produce good and quality stuff and let their work speak for itself.  So is it with the products of Fabs Fashion Cosmetics. For I don’t know much about cosmetics but testimonies of Fatou’s customers on her facebook wall all seemed to be happy with the products they bought from her so far. Therefore, I don’t think they are supporting her because she is a Gambian, but because she is offering a good product. In this case, being Gambian is secondary. Period!

F Cham as she is widely called has been in The Gambia for the past 2 months putting together logistics to for the launching of her brand. A true Gambian pride indeed. We say this because she could have launch her product in the US where she lives and would  probably have a bigger market, but she decides to introduce her product to her people first before reaching out to the rest of the world.

Fatou Cham Jallow was our guest on the first hour of the G. T Radio show last Friday January 9th 2015 podcast of which can be accessed through the Gambian talents radio or on your mobile device via Tunein at or right here through facebook…/app_402411266453495. If you If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast at

Fabs Promotion was successfully launched on Sunday January 11th 2015.

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