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Make no mistake, café touba is one of the fastest growing tea on the soil of The Gambia, it is in homes, offices, music events and most frequently on the streets. Mostly embraced by the followers of Serign Touba, the commodity has crossed borders and now being the choice for many. For some, the café is seen as a fulfillment of the spiritual obligation they owe to the great marabout whiles others use it as a stimulant. Along the street of Tanji, opposite its garage, Gambia Talent Promotion meets two Senegalese brothers earning their living through the trade. Yorro Sarr (in yellow shirt) and Njuka Jobe, said they have been in the business for more than an year.

Even though they were reluctant to reveal the amount of profit they usual gain from it, the duo indicated that it is a profitable business.

According to Yorro, café touba originated from the great Islamic scholar who was given a poison to drink and he eventually turned it to the café. This, he said, is the reason why it is called cafe touba. A radio presenter, who requested to be in anonymity, said he drinks café touba once or twice every day. “I feel like drinking it anytime I see it. It warms me up and I feel active anytime I have a taste of it. It keeps me going,” he concluded. Also speaking to this media, Mr.

Darboe, a teacher by profession, said he always needs hot water to regulate his stomach and cannot be preparing coffee or Nescafe all the time. He said this makes him addicted to café touba.

In Gambia Talent Promotion’s quest to not just report the story but feel it as well, this reporter grabbed a cup of it while on coverage and according to him, the experience was ‘superb’ and he got to realize why many people are addicted to it.

We wish our youths who are taking the back way to Europe explore such avenues. These boys namung dara

Written by Prof. Saikou Suwareh Jabai

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