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18839446 10213534176697583 1531085541676523453 oMr. Lie Conteh, the former mayor of KMC has announced his interest to continue his legacy once given an opportunity by the people of KMC.

Mr. Conteh made this revelation in an interview with Gambian talents’s Pa Ousman Joof, anchor of the Fasa Fas show . "I have the intention to go back and be part of the system especially at municipal level and continue what I started.” He echoed.


When asked why he chooses to come back at this time, Mr Conteh said "I received calls from a lot of people who requested for me to go back and I told them I was gona think about it. After thoroughly sleeping on it, I have finally made up my mind and I’m expressing my intention to go back home and continue my legacy.

Asked when he intends to go back to The Gambia, The veteran politician said "at least 6 months before the elections as required by the election law. "


18835454 1743549588994045 1102818630 nAbout whether he already has a manifesto, the former mayor said, "This is an intention. You have to go, find your associates and sell your agenda to the people. This is just a plan. We have to look at it in-depth. KMC is a big municipality and it has a lot of potentials but over the years, the government has taken a lot from the municipality and that's why I suffered a lot because they wanted to take a lot more from us and I said no."

About which party he will be contesting under, Lie Conteh said "It's good to have an association like a party because parties have manifestos and they can also sponsor their candidates. At the municipal level, it should be different thought. It's all about linking with your people. It's about you connecting with the people and not party politics. AS at now, I will be going to find my associates and then we will take it up from there. So, I can't tell you if I will be joining a party for now.


When asked about the challenges he faced as a former mayor, Mr. Conteh said “ My biggest challenge was trying to give municipality a meaning in Gambia. The previous governments just thought municipality was a place where you can just go and collect money. Municipalities were never accountable. Political parties just came and tell you this is what we want and the municipality has to provide it. This was tough.”

When asked how confident he is about winning the 2017 KMC seat, Lie Conteh said.


“Ham nga now a days, you can't predict people. It depends on how you’re selling yourself . I'm very confident. I have a legacy and we did a lot. We did it with the YOUTHS, we did it with the women, we did it with the institution itself. From a place that had only type writers to a fully computerized institution, that is a big acheivement.


And to the people of KMC, Mr conteh said “ We’re coming back to continue what we started. We started a transformation and we are coming back to continue that process.


We will be having Lie Conteh as our guest on the Fasa Fas show today at 9pm Gambian Time.


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