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Former “SeneGambian TV show” host and runway model in Minnesota Tuta Fatou Jome went on a rampage on facebook for a couple of days condemning the “actions” of a man whose name she never mentioned.  On august 2nd, 2015 Tuta wrote “ I hate when a sister get disrespected or mistreated by their partner. A men...A real men who love, honor, care for her mother and respect her mother will do the same to her woman. Marriage or not respect your woman and treat them right.If not another men will. SAY NO TO PHYSICAL ABUSE, SAY NO TO VERBAL ABUSE AND SAY NO TO CHEATING. CELEBRATE LOVE!!”

 2 days later, on august 4th, Tuta wrote. Not onlydid he condemn her “brother-in-law” but she also condemns some of our traditional African practices such as keeping some information private between close family and friends.  In this piece, Tuta believes that information should be shared to create awareness.

“I am an African. Yes. I am. But I dont believe in such..Somethings you Just can't share due to African believe/Culture. Somethings in African culture are meant to be keep private, they say. Only family members and close friends should know about..But somethings like what? Like pregnancy, Cancer, chronic illness, married problems and so on. But don't you think sharing your story can help or may help save others and also educate others who don't know. Even support others who may go through same issues. That's what I said. But No! Not in African culture. They believe in evil mouth. Evil mouth? Yes! Explain. Well they think if he/she knows their problems or whatever he/she is going through they will add more to the problems. Like, If this a blessing they think telling others may not be a good idea due to evil heart or witchcraft. If is a problem or illness their might bad mouth the person to themselves instead of reaching out to help or support the person. Not only Africans do such. True. I believe others do too and believe some type of way. And not all Africans believe it either. There are few, I say few because only few have the courage to share their stories to the world and help others. Even with a highest education some still feel strongly about their African believe. Am not saying is a bad thing, Is not but can we help others. We can share our story that may just save the next person life, who maybe going through same thing. Oh shit, What? I can hear it already. What? She wrote this, she must be going through Hahahaha. You funny. But true. Let's not judge each other Instead let's help, support and give encourage to each other and educate one another through our stories. Fatou Jome Ceesay.”  Concluded Tuta.

Reacting to Tuta’s post, Mc Ngum  wrote “Even though I agree with you and feel that way about some issues,we should look at it from their point of view and understand.Take for example a raped woman,She would be ridicule,call names and even blame that she asked for it...”

What is your take on this matter?  Do you agree with Tuta?

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