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Yesterday, we posted a review on our facebook page complementing the people of Brikama for the support they give to all the talents who emerge from Brikama. Some folks from Brikama took offence in the post because they misinterpreted it labeling us as bias.  Our editor wrote “ I wish all Gambians were supportive of everything that is ours like the people of Brikama do. It is hard to say, but Brikama is the only city, town or whatever you may call it in The Gambia whose citizens support any and everything that is theirs.  When it comes to Gambian music, every artists that comes from any other town/city/village usually struggle to get little support from their people. That is not the case with the people of Brikama. They are well known for supporting their own even if everyone else sees you as garbage. Every Brikama product is usually accepted by the whole Gambia because they always start the support for their people locally. Look at the likes of Rebellion Da recaller, Benjamin, Hurricane, Tata Dinding Jobarteh, Jaliba Kuyateh etc.

Even if you are not a native of Brikama and you resettle there, Brikamans will give you all the necessary support. See this picture of ST's Salibo show posted about 30 minutes ago. It is packed full and this is not the first of its kind. Just few months ago, ST, had a successful launching of his "Aling Domo" Single and the turnout was the same. Congratulations to ST and the Aling Domo crew. And to Brikama people, WAY TO GO.”

Few minutes after the post,  one Kadi Omar belief to be from Brikama  quoted our editor  calling it bias. "They are well known for supporting their own even if everyone else sees you as garbage." I strongly disagree with that statement and label it bias. Can ya remind me of a Brikama artist that is only hot in Brikama but considered garbage in other parts of the country. Besides,who is nicer than Benjamin in his area? Who is nicer than Jaliba in his area? Who is nicer than ST in this area? Who was nicer than Rebellion. My Take is, BRIKAMA GOT TALENT and its people are good at discerning it.”



Omar seems to misunderstand the phrase. All that we are trying to establish is that the people of Brikama support everything that’s theirs and they always succeed in getting others to support their talents. Because charity begins at home, we wish every Gambian follows the footsteps of the people of Brikama in supporting our own.   So chill out brother Omar and take this as a complement and don’t hate. INSTEAD, APPRECIATE.

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