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Over the past  3 years, he’s climaxed to stardom and succeeded in consolidating himself as the custodian of Gambian music especially the newly created Rap mbalax. He has not travel abroad through his music besides going to Senegal to work on his albums/mix tapes and do some networking but has worked with a lot of international artist and taken the most risk setting standards for Gambian artists. Yes, Gee is a risk taker. Just last December, for the first time in the history of The Gambia, a solo Gambian artist filled up the National Stadium a week before the annual Open Mic Festival which caught a lot of critics by surprise.

You can say anything about him but the dude is good at what he does. He is and will surely remain to be one of the most lyrical rappers The Gambia will ever produce. Yes, we call him “ The Ambassador of Gambian musicians” .  He currently holds one of the biggest fan base in the Gambia TEAM GEE. “So bugeh team gee defla aadiya laigy” just mess with GEE. They will eat you raw “bepareh neka si yenen teh dara dusi gena”.  He is very connected with borom ndombo tanka yi in the country and therefore enjoys a lot of privileges and gets away with a lot of things. I guess he is the only one who sits with “The hot babes Clique” since “WE CAN’T SIT WITH THEM”.

Gee has release 2 albums, a couple of mix tapes and has done several collabo songs with local and international artists including our very own Jalimadi Kanuteh, St The Gambian Dream, Sugah and  International dancehall/ reggae star Demarco from Jamaica, Wally Seck and Ida Samb from Senegal and Wizkid from Nigeria. For the past 3 years, he has performed at almost every big event that matters in The Gambia.

He has been branded as the most controversial Gambian artists  as he’s always seen on social media speaking his mind on any and all kinds of issues. It looks like Gee enjoys the spotlight maybe because it makes him stay relevant. He had a beef with a lot of people in the Gambian entertainment industry over the past 10 years.  If I could remember, he created his first beef song around 2007/2008 in which he dished Singateh a.k.a Freaky Joe, Nancy Nanz and other Gambian musicians who were in the spot light at the time. He’s had a beef with Trobul Smallz, Killa Ace and has even gotten into it with Saul Sowe-CEO of Joluv Arts Entertainment and Proprietor of Capital FM in The Gambia. Sometime last year, Gee did a special song attacking/responding to Diasporan Gambians who he had a beef with about the canceled trip of Erykah Badu to The Gambia which he looked forward to so highly. It doesn’t matter how heated the debate is, Gee always maintains his stance and continues to speak his mind. About a week ago, he responded to a comment we made about Vex Gungee man which lead to a beef in which they ( him and Vex) called each other all kinds of names.

In the early hours of today, Thursday, May 21st 2015, Gee announced on his time line that he is quitting music and focus on helping his kid’s achieve theirs. “I'm gonna have 1 last show to my name n' call it a quits. Some wouldn't like it especially my fans but to some it would be the greatest news they received the past 5 years. .
sometimes you gotta put ur dream aside and work on ur children's so they could have one.
Besides the disrespect in the music scene is too much.. no end of promises
I'm a person if I don't see much changes for quite a while in anything I'm doing I move on.” echoed Gee.

This caught a lot of people by surprise. As we write this peace, the post has attracted about a 100 likes and over 35 comments by members of team gee and others appealing to Gee to reconsider his decision.

What could be responsible for this? Well, according to the post, Yabateh bi dafa hawa bary and he hasn’t seen much changes and being the person he is, he always moves on if he doesn’t see much change on anything he ventures into after a while. Chey Gambia, what are we doing wrong? “AM NDAL, TOCH NDAL, DO MOS DI BARILEH NDAL”

Sorry to anyone who feels offended by this post. Click on the link below to read Gibou Balla Gaye’s full post.



Let’s try to safe our country. All our good people in every sector of life always end up quitting or leaving and turning their back on the country because of the lack of support. Li lan la nii, neng len wechi Jikoyi. Either we like it or not, this is going to be a big setback for the Gambian entertainment industry. Yes, life goes on and other people will rise to Gee’s position but trust me, they will equally be frustrated. Where are the likes of Musa Ngum, Paps Touray, Lie Ngom, The Born Africans, The Pencha Bi, Da Fugutivz, Sambou Suso you name them. Shortly before Gee rose to Stardom, the untouchable folks that were singing and rapping, the generation that rose after the new millennium the Jalex, Dr Olugander, Singateh, Njie B Da Conqueror, Jollofman, Pa Omar Jack, Egalitarian, Nancy Nanz and others have all left the country and settled in Europe or America or sen safara faye na completely. These were the household names in The Gambia shortly before Gee and mates . Now guess what, a lot of Gee’s peers Killa Ace, Trobul Smallz, Cess Ngum, Rugi, Diha, Mighty Joe, Magnificiant Joe, Brokay, Badibunka, Abu and Fafa etc are already  history or they are struggling for a comeback. It’s hard to say, accept or believe but “luye raam sin yak bila jome”.  When you approach these people, they may be in denial but they know fully well that what I’m saying is the truth and the slightest opportunity they have to leave, they will. Chowli chowly, disi nyom. It’s the attitude of our people. Neng len wechi jikoyi. Neng len refetal khol yi, neng len mbolo jema neka bena pour jomaleh sung rew sa chanam.

Sorry to anyone who feels offended by this post. Click on the link below to read Gibou Balla Gaye’s full post.

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