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When I first read about Gee Gibou Balla Gaye quitting music I smiled, smile in a sense that he was bluffing to me but again I read his other post from Friday at 11:16am and knew he wasn’t kidding. In my honest opinion Gee quitting music should served as a time Warner to us Gambians more so those in the art and entertainment industry. When I broke the news to my sister who had little knowledge about music in general her reaction was “AM NOT SURPRISE HE IS QUITTING”. Troubled I became instantly by her remarks and was about to go on a morning fight with her before she gave me the lesson of my life and to which am about to share with you all.
“Gambia has a problem she states; we are the only country whose people has minimal or no love for one and other. Unpatriotic should be tag on our names because we have low esteem and love for our country. A country comprises of its people and if the people have little or no love for one and other every other sector in the country becomes gloomy and dormant. Whatever doesn’t directly affects us doesn’t concern us SYNDROME is what’s eating up the country. We don’t appreciate what our fellow countrymen are doing and quickly find faults in their endeavors. We all want to be best and stand out among the masses whiles we wouldn’t let others do the same. We don’t usual care if our next do neighbors are in predicaments as long as it doesn’t directly affect us and standing out for one and other during trying times remains an act of God for majority of us”.
Couldn’t belief she said that all and I was caught in surprise. Came to think of it and it reflects exactly what’s happening with our music industry. We usually blame them and call them names but in actuality we cannot possible love what we despise and we despise one and other. How many albums did Gee lunch and how much is he worth today. How many of us had walk to a store and ever buy a copy of Gambian music. They have responsibilities; they have families that need taking care of. How many of us would want to buy a concert ticket of thousand Dalasis for our local artiste. We emotionally killed them and most sadly all of them cannot be Jaliba kuyateh producing tracks for elite personnel’s.
How much do we pay foreign artistes and some had not even lunch albums yet. Most of them the Gambia serve as their money harvesting heaven. Gee is a resounding individual and am glad he spotted this the earlier. Other artistes should follow and quit for a year in protest of the low and degrading pay they receiving but again NO and some of them would be celebrating instead. GAMBIA DU DEM and we all need to look at ourselves and asked the question DO WE REALLY LOVE OUR COUNTRY?

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