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News reaching our desk has it that Senegalese singer Thione Seck who was warming up to accompany his son Wally Seck for a show in Banjul this weekend has been arrested by the Senegalese authorities in connection with a large sum of counterfeit Euro bills given to him by some Gambian promoters in Europe who want to hire him for an international tour in five countries with over 100 dates selected for a period of 6 months. According to unconfirmed sources, Wally Seck has also announced that he will no longer be coming to Gambia this weekend because of the arrest of his dad who is due to appear in court in Senegal tomorrow Friday in front of prosecutor Serigne Bassirou Guèye.

According to, which we was written in French and we translated it using google translator, “the leader of Raam Daan was heard yesterday by investigators SR.
According to a source at the heart of this case, Thione Seck will Ballago told investigators that the money was the counterparty to a contract he had signed with Gambia.
Thione Ballago said he was contacted by Gambian who wanted to do an international tour in five continents with over 100 dates selected for a period of 6 months. Invoice of the tour: € 120 million to be paid by the Gambian promoters. After negotiations, they agreed on 100 million euros, with a deposit of € 50 million as an advance on the contract.
To believe Ballago Thione Seck, the money that this stranger was carrying was used in advance for the tour contract.
Better, Thione Seck said to be surprised by his arrest because he was just doing his job by receiving one who would bring the sum equivalent to half of the contract. A version that has not met the gendarmes who directly placed in custody.
Our source tells us that 90% of the money is made up of 100 Euro Note contained in packages and the remaining 10% were $ 100 bills ...” Concluded the article from dakaractu.


When we reached out to Fatoumata Coker of Elite Promotion, the promoter of the Wally concert in Gambia, for her reaction about whether the Wally show is canceled, Ms Coker said “Thanks bro. Check my status, it's on unless Allah say no. I will give you facts tomorrow inshallah.” We look forward to having Fatoumatta as a guest on the Gambian Talents Radio show tomorrow Friday evening

This is definitely not good news for Gambia. We don’t know who the said Gambian promoter is waye amna si chowly.


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