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In response to our previous story we published over the weekend titled “IS WAKA JAGNE THE SUSPECTED GAMBIAN PROMOTER THAT GAVE THIONE SECK THE COUNTEREIT EURO BILLS?” , the Senegambian International Promoter Waka Jagne on Monday has responded through a status update on his facebook timeline in which he emphasized that he doesn’t know anything about the Thione Seck saga. 

Before we published the said story, we reached out to Waka for his reaction to “Thione Seck’s allegation”  and posted his response verbatim “not me and I doubt if that is true. No Gambian promoter is stupid enough to give that kind of money”. Also reacting to allegations that he is not professional or reliable and hardly fulfills his promise, Waka Jagne said “That's the view of our people”.

No further comment was made about Waka in this story besides stating that he has a TV Show on Ben TV.

For the record, a lot of negative comments were directed to Waka especially by members of “the struggle” which he calls “malice being spewed on me by editors craving for web hits on their page at the expense of my person”. We at Gambian Talents won’t hesitate to say thatthose views and comments are exclusively that of the writers and Gambian talents Promotion has nothing to do with them and therefore takes no liability.  Therefore, we owe no apologies to Waka or any of the other folks who think that they have been victimized because of what was said on our radio or written on our newspaper especially when they have been given the opportunity to defend themselves.

 Find below Waka jagne’s full response

“The demonization of the sons and daughters of Gambia be it in the diaspora or at the homeland has reached an epic level that seriously calls to question the ethics and tenets of the noble profession of journalism. I browsed the hate and venom spewed on my person from a supposedly credible online medium that should use duty of care when informing their esteemed readership without malice or ill will. The collective demoralization of persons thought not to be sympathetic to the so called struggle is helping the disintegration of the cohesiveness of the Gambian community. Waka Jagne has been a staple in their news mongering and if this serves your purpose then bless your hearts. Journalism is a noble profession and hearing alcoholic stupors parading as analyst and anchors misinforming the public show the level journalism has been dragged into the mud by pseudo-Journalists. Mr Waka Jagne is proud of his track records albeit the youthful exuberance he has gone through and will continue to partake in his chosen path despite the mongering and vilification of his persona by unethical social commentators/wannabe journalists. I will reiterate unequivocally without hesitation that I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING REGARDING THE THIONE SAGA and I therefore seize this opportunity to admonish the perpetrators of the negative press being peddled on social Media. Like me or hate me its a choice and a prerogative of yours but kindly give the devil his due. For a moment I thought it fit to ignore the hate and malice being spewed on me by editors craving for web hits on their page at the expense of my person but then again society needs to be rightly inform and I found this to be my duty to dispel the hate coming from my own brethren that calls themselves as Gambians and share the same values as me. This type of bad press will not deter nor reorient my focus on my lifestyle or convictions.” Concluded Waka.


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