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In the past decade, young Gambians around the world have been doing very well flying the Gambian flag high in the sky. No matter where they are and what they do, they represent The Gambia to the fullest. One of such few flag bearers in The United States is Fatoumatta Jallow a.k.a Jallow jerry.

 After graduating from Ndows Comprehensive Senior Secondary School in 2002, Fatoumatta came to the US to join her parents and further her education. She enrolled at Nevarro College where she graduated with an Associates in Nursing in 2006 and proceeded to the University of Texas in Arlington to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in International business and accounting.

Unlike most young girls who come to the US, Fatou Jallow used her academic background to open her own business instead of working for someone else. As a young girl, Fatou and her siblings opened a cleaning company and won few corporate contracts cleaning offices and other commercial properties which she did for a while. Because of her love for fashion and beauty, she decided to change her course and in to time, she opened her own African hair salon in the Heart of Dallas Texas where she is well recognized and appreciated by her African American customers.

Growing up in Gambia, Fatou always loved to help other people and make a positive difference in their lives. As a result, she was part of school and youth groups. She continued the kind gesture when she came to the US. Few years ago, she started a facebook group (Sen Helat)- a platform she created for the young people to say things that are normally swept under the rugs. This group later became a radio show which was well listened to and appreciated by young Gambians around the world as they used it to discuss issues affecting them.

Fatou did not only stop at Senhelat. She continues to mentor a lot of young people counseling them whenever they reach out to her.

Recently, as more youth from Africa embark on the journey to Europe through the dessert/Mediterranean sea leading to the loss of so many lives, Jallow jerry initiated a new project called “No to backway campaign” which she started by doing a video and encouraging influential Gambians on the internet to also do videos sensitizing our young people about the dangers of the backway.  This campaign was applauded by a lot of people who thought it was a timely move.  

After taking a short break from the “Senhelat” radio show due to personal reasons, Jallow is set to come back to the media this time with a different approach. “I am a lover and I love to talk about love, romance and all the good things that couple and spouses need to know to establish and sustain a healthy relationship. I cracked my brain over and over thinking of a name and the only thing that keep coming to my mind is “SENTIMENTS”.

Starting Tuesday June 16th and every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 5:30pm Eastern time, Jallow Jerry will be hosting the “Sentiments show”  on The Gambian Talents radio.

Tune in by visiting or on your mobile device via Tunein at or right here through facebook…/app_402411266453495 and share your thoughts or by calling
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