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Lamin is a British Actor of African descent. Lamin is the fifth of eight children born and raised by his parents in The Gambia, West Africa. His early life began in the rural farming communities in the Western Region of The Gambia.Growing up in a large family in humble surroundings has it's disadvantages but what the boy Lamin benefited from is an environment in which he learned to be creative, live and work with folks as well as develop his communication skills, team work and love and respect for others. Lamin knew what he wanted form an early age. As strange as it may seem, it is a fact that he enlisted himself at school earlier than the school entry age of his generation. He was sent home twice but returned for a third time. Finally, the school succumbed to his never say die attitude. His academic performance in end of second term exams, after only two weeks in school did not only cement his place in the class but shocked his class teacher and had his headmaster holding his head in his hands with amazement. The boy has bought his right to stay in school. The rest was history. He stood up from the rest, and refused to settle for nothing but the best, a trait he still possesses. Laminmoved to towns, cities, countries and eventually continents in pursuit of academic success. As a smart kid in school, he excelled and embarked on an academic journey that saw him travel to the United Kingdom. He holds a HND/BSc in Environmental Studies, and went on to read his MSc in Public and Environmental Health Sciences at The University of Birmingham,United Kingdom. Lamin's journey itself was not free from twists and turns but his resolve, drive and determination were impossible to extinguish. However, what hit him next was quite unexpected but his confidence and ability to adapt saw him surprise many, as he often did.It is understood that during Christmas 2009, an agent spotted his unique, striking features at a party. Unable to resist Lamin's charm she approached him and convinced him to explore his acting/modelling potential. He agreed to attend an audition to secure general representation with an agent in spring 2010. By summer 2010, Lamin's performance

career commenced first as a model while he trained to become an actor. By December 2010 he had finished his actor training and finally had the chance to transform his love and passion for films into action. His acting talent was about to be unleashed. A Director of Photography (DOP) at one of his modelling commercial shoots recalls being spellbound by Lamin's stage presence and stern stare. He recommended him to his friend who was a film director. He quickly drafted him into his film following an audition.The release of that film immediately set Lamin's career ablaze as it won two community awards and recognition. To further enhance his acting skills Lamin decided to enrol at Stella Adler Academy, Hollywood and successfully completed a short acting course. He also enrolled in drama courses in London upon his return from Hollywood to further bolster his acting ability and broaden his skills. Lamin is an international actor. He enjoys filming across the globe. His latest project - 'Sarata', a feature film, is shooting in West Africa and he will be shooting in USA, Malaysia and India next.

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