Gambian artist, the king of Gambian hard core, rapper Killa Ace aka Ali Baba Bondeyi has finally taken it to the next level releasing a brand new song “ Ku Boka C Geta G” in which he claims to address issues in his own country which always bugged him but he never has the guts to address.

Ace who tagged and sent this song to this writer via facebook published this song with a status update “ It took me alot of dedication to do this song. Adressing issues abroad but not being to adress issues in my own country always bugged me. It is my duty as an emcee to speak out , no
matter how hard it will be. Even tho it shouldnt be like that: Spread the word. Ku Boka C Geta G , Naan C Meow mi. available on free download.Produced by Harley Leigh”

Ace started the song by asking why is it that noone in the country can say anything including the Imams, Artists or journalists.  He went further to address the current happenings, stating the reasons why the youths are embarking on the back way, the high poverty rate in the country, the falling of the dalasi, none payment of salaries to civil servants, police brutality, corruption, the lack of freedom of press etc. Ace also questioned the president for giving cars to the foreign artists while the Gambian artists are struggling working very hard and ripping no success.  “ I’m putting in so much work and I see no progress. Yaya Jammeh takes a lot of money giving it to the foreign artists. Gambian music didn’t go far, we all know where the problem is.” Ace echoed in the song.

When asked by this reporter what inspired him to do the song,  Ace replied “It's hard to explain. It's all in the lyrics I guess. Bar for bar. Every bar is an answer of its own. I guess. I just want to rep and speak out on the general issues that we are facing as artists”

When asked why he is coming up with such a song now, Ace said he’s been addressing such issues for the longest as seen in his album. He made reference to songs like “Frustration, “I been addressing these issues. It's just that it's more straight forward here.”

According to Prince Ali, the song is “Recorded mixed and mastered at Alien Zik studios Dakar. Didn't want to put any studio in potential trouble ( plus don't think they would have.)”

By the time of going to press, the song has already started circulating with over 1200 views on soundcloud in less than 2 hours and received a lot of shares, comments and likes by Gambian young people around the world.

“This song will shake will be the Identity of The Gambian Music, and you might not witness it but your name will be in The Gambia's history Books. Thanks for representing the truth in #Gambia” wrote one Sanneh Amadou Gambiano on Killa Ace’s time line.

Sadibou Sheriffwrote “To be honest I've never felt your music before. Maybe because of the beefs you had with Gee & Tam 50. But now I know what you really represent, you're a true citizen. And a real rapper. Thumps up bro, it's about time. I hope you'll serve as a role model to many of you colleagues.

Ace, who is currently in The Gambia has been always knokn for being controversial but very consistent. He’s started doing music as a hiphop artist and stayed through to his course ever since despite the cross carpeting by his team mates such as Gibou Balla Gaye and most recently Lil Omz who he personally groomed. He’s has said over and over that he will remained to be an underground Emcee regardless of what. His slogan “Team gom sa bopa” is very popular amongst his followers and he often emphasizes that “ Ku nyew feka nyu fi, ku dem bayi nyu fi”

When asked if he will grant an interview on the radio, Ace said he is not ready for an interview yet but will give one in due course. He encourages the writer to write as he pleases emphasizing that he is just doing his part as an Emcee. Click on the following link to listen to the controversial song.

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