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3 days after he released his hot single “Ku boka C geta G, which enjoyed  over 30, 000 plays and a maximized download, Killa Ace aka Ali Baba Bondeye has finally released an official statement assuring his fans and well-wishers that he is safe and sound “FOR NOW”.

Ace published this official statement on his facebook page after 3 days of no activity which put his fans and well-wishers in to a state of dilema. This editor was contacted by few of Ace’s fans who could not reach the rapper directly. One fan who lives in Copenhagen-Denmark and prefers to remain anonymous wrote “Bro I wanna know if you guys have any information about KillaAce.I'm here in Copenhagen but I do talk to him Everyday but since yesterday I can't.” Another lady called from Maryland asking “Is Killa Ace in Gambia?”

Mr Surahata Fatty from Brikama who currently lives in Seattle Washington called this writer expressing similar sentiments. According to Surahata, he wishes there was a mandinka version of the song. “I wish ST or Mandingmorry step it up right away and do a Mandinka version of this song”. Mandingmorry, ST Brikama boyo and Bro K should follow the footsteps of the lion Killa Ace. Echoed Surahata.

Meanwhile, young people in The Gambia continue to share the song via whatsapp and most have embraced the hook of the song “Boka C Geta G, nan si mew me” as the new talk/slogan in town.

As messages of worrisome continue to circulate on facebook, twitter and instagram  for 3 days, the rapper finally released a statement with a picture of himself sitting in a taxi during the early hours of Thursday. Whatever the case is, Ace seems to be prepared for any consequences as he stated at the end of the song “If yall don’t see me, yall know where I’m at” and in the below piece “I’m safe and ok (for now)

Read below the full statement by Killa Ace, The Gambia’s newest celebrity/hero.

“Touching the hearts of the people with my music has always and will always be the main mission . I honestly appreciate all the love and support that each and every one of you have been showing.
The amount of share shares is just record breaking , the plays on soundcloud is amazing 30,000 plays in less than 2 days.
That's something that I will never boast about but will be forever humbled by and will always owe it up to yall. It's just the beginning of mission .

For all those worried about my wellbeing and very concerned about my safety based on the fact that we all know the environment in which we live in , I appreciate the concern and assure to you that I am safe and ok (for now) .
Thanks for the prayers and messages .
Remember I didn't commit a crime , all I did say what was on my mind (the truth) .

Keep it blazing , keep on sharing!

Singed.......... Killah Ace

‪#‎Aces” Concluded the release.

Gambian Talents Promotion reached out to ACE for further comments but to no avail.
By Pa Ousman Joof

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