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Gambian music promoter/DJ/TV presenter Lamin Champion Sounds has denied allegations that he was arrested and detained for a second time. In a telephone interview with this reporter while at his residence in Sukuta/Brusubi during the first week of the Ramadan, Mr. Champion Sounds said he was arrested the first time because of his connection with Thione Seck.

It could be recalled that Senegalese singer Thione Seck was arrested in late May and charged with economic crimes. According to and other Senegalese online media, Thione during the early days of his arrest accused Gambian promoters in Europe to have given him the 50 million or so fake euro bills found in his possession.  Gambian Talents Radio facilitated an interview with the Gambian promoters in Europe and they all denied the allegation.

 Even though he doesn’t live in Europe, Lamin Cham, throughout that first week of Thione ' s arrest, was on social media posting status updates with pictures of himself and the singer (Thione Seck). Cham continued to show solidary to the legend for few days. On June 30th, after following his writer’s stories about Thione Seck for few days, Cham sent a whatsapp message to the writer " Bro take it easy woo...leave my papa thione.deeh." Echoed the champion DJ via whatsapp.

Lamin cham was last seen on any social media platform including facebook, viber or whatsapp on June 1st which is believed to have been the day he was arrested. In a telephone interview with Pa Ousman Joof, the champion DJ said President Yaya Jammeh has nothing to do with his arrest and he was never tortured. When asked why he was detained for so long, Mr cham said “They were just doing their job ". Cham confirmed that he was arrested and detained by the National intelligence agency for about  11 days . Gambian talents promotion wrote a story about Cham’s arrest 3 days after it happened. We reached out to him and a few of his close allies to confirm his arrest but could not reach him. Shortly after he was released, he replied to our enquiries with the following message “Imagine if I am Thione seck first son or his band manager. What will happen to me?"

Lamin cham denied allegations by the freedom newspaper article posted on June 20th which suggested that he was released and rearrested for a second time. " Bro, I’m here don't mind that evil assassinator. I have never met or seen him in my life. I don't know why is he very interested in me". Said Cham.

 He denied all allegations of torture and the involvement of President Yaya Jammeh. According to Mr. Cham, it was just a group of security officials who thought that because he is close to the mbalax singer Thione Seck, he must have something to do with his economic crime charge.  He was released because they found nothing on him. “You can write whatever you want to write Pa Ous but I told you what I have to tell you” Concluded Lamin Cham.

What made most people believe that he was rearrested is because of his absence from Social media.  After he was released, The Saf Connect presenter kept a low key avoiding all social media until  June 25th when he wished a happy birthday to a couple of his loved ones. We are not sure if he is back to his normal activities such as presenting his TV Show or his promotion business but li worr  the worr moy, Cham is now a free bird.

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