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Our condolences to our Senegalese brothers and sisters for the loss of their loved one. His real name was Sidaty Faal and he was 35 years old. He died after a brief illness and has already been buried. The rapper who rose to stardom in the early part of the new millennium was so humble that he chose PACOTILLE as his artistic name, meaning CHEAP JUNK in French.

This was a reflection of his appreciation and acceptance of his humble beginnings. Fame and money never turned his head and he preferred the simplest mode of dressing all through his very successful career in music.

He was very much involve in Senegalese politics and openly confessed he support for the former President Abdoulie Wade. Pacotile was very close to The Gambia and frequented it quite often. He did collabo songs with quite a few of our artists including Nancy Nanz and Singateh Rise. He is well loved by Gambians especially the younger generation.

By Anna Sarr
For GT Entertainment

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