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Killa Ace Embarks on Nationwide Promo Tour

Following the successful launch of his new album, sometime late last year, entitled 'Another Critical Experiment', fast-rising Gambian hip-hop star Killa Ace, is on a nationwide tour to better promote his album to his endless fans across the country.

Born Ali Baba, but widely known as Killa Ace, he is no doubt one of the emerging hip-hop sensations growing popular by the hour. After creating a name for himself in the country's music circle, Killa Ace, has defied all odds that he is an astonishing star to watch out for in 2014.

His latest 18-track album, dubbed- 'Another Critical Experiment', was superbly recorded in Nordic Steel based Sweden, as well as MG Negrophil Records, among others. Suffice to say what makes this album so special is the superb approach as songs in this album are 90% talking about issues that Gambians can relate to. Being his first solo album, it is also full of matured lyrical contents and featured one of The Gambia's finest dancehall heartthrob-Benjamin. Giving an insight ahead of the tour, Killa Ace explained that the tour is designed to expose his music to hip-hop strongholds across the country. Starting as a solo rapper doing hip-hop music in the streets of America during his early ages, he is determined to promote hip-hop genre to the fore. Meanhwile, in his move to make an impact on the country entertainment, Killa Ace founded the Straight from Jupiter Entertainment Company, a movement credited for introducing the biggest hip-hop show, which happens once monthly called the 'Cypher Rap Battle'. Over the years, he has performed in a number of concerts, both home and outside, one such event is the major international competition, called FESTA2H, a movement which promotes hip-hop music based in Dakar, Senegal. This nationwide tour will see the hip-hop sensation criss-crossing the length and breadth of the country.

What's On wish you a successful tour!!!

Contributed by By Sheriff Janko
Daily Observer

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