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Omie Garba, candidate of the Miss Africa USA Pageant 2015, was born in the West African country of The Gambia and finds the opportunity to represent her country a great honor. Now a resident of the United States, this ambassador and leader has a mission to provide educational and health care services for children and families throughout Africa through Education1 Africa (E1-Africa).

Project E-3: Educating the youth, Inspiring the community, and Empowering the country is the parent organization of E1-Africa international, a non-profit organization. E1-Africa believes in the power of education being the catalyst of creating success for future leaders, and endeavors to nurture learning environments, strengthen the quality of educators, and provide leadership and entrepreneurship training to young scholars.

Every day millions of children in Africa struggle to learn as they resort to sitting on bare floors and outdoor grounds as a means. This was the discovery made after a mission’s trip to The Gambia in 2015 where Omie was able to volunteer for children’s organizations and provide donated clothing to many in need. Witnessing these conditions ignited her desire to make a difference.

E1-Africa purposes to make this difference in all educational aspects. The first step will be the ability to provide students with desks that will allow them to concentrate on learning while developing an eagerness for the future. Through your donation and support, we will be able to supply for this mission and change many young lives.

Along with being a dedicated volunteer, Omie also studied childcare development through CCSF, worked as an au pair for families in Southern California, and now teaches youth the art of worship through dance at her home ministry in Berkeley, CA.

Omie finds personal strength in the wisdom of her mother, who has been a strong support system throughout her life. The powerful words found in the Bible: 'Despite not small beginnings ' have also made a major impact, encouraging her to never let go of her dreams. She believes that a small beginning will evolve into a great thing if one never gives up.

If selected, Omie intends to leverage new connections to help develop the organization with the purpose of carrying out the mission to make a global impact within the educational system in The Gambia and worldwide.


Together we can make these necessary adjustments, one desk at a time. For more information and to support our educational support program and Project E3, please visit connect with us:
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