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Having spent a couple of weeks in the United states where she visited Hollywood in California and Miami in Florida, Vivi Amie Chris has finally returned to her residence in London ready to get back to her normal business.

Gambian Talents Entertainment news tried to reach Vivi on several occasions to get her reaction to allegations that she has a Millionaire Senegalese boyfriend who’s been paying for her vacation trips around the world but to no avail.  Shortly after her return to the UK, Vivi Amie Chris, the lead actress of the “Nakala” TV Series and Executive producer of the “Sarata” Movie has finally responded to us denying the allegations.

In a telephone interview with this writer through whatsapp,  Vivi strongly denied the allegations calling it mare fabrications “ I don't have a boyfriend, I am single and have not dated for such a long time. I’m happy. I don’t need a boyfriend right now. I’m staying focus.”

Vivi out rightly denied the allegations of dating a Senegalese mellionaire and took offense in our last story in which she was allegedly called “a chicken head”. When asked who her dream man is, Vivi said “Mr. right.  A hard working and adventures man. Someone I share a lot in common with.”  When further asked about the physical features of her dream man, whether she wants him tall, short, dark or white? vivi said, “that’s for me to keep and not for you to find out Pa Ousman. I'm not gona tell you.

The Nakala star also denied allegations that she was in Hollywood for a project. “ It wasn't really a vacation but it was great. I had a good time in America. “ Said Vivi

Responding to our last question “What's next for vivi?, The super model said “there’s a lot in the pipeline but let's see what happens.  And make sure you write only what I tell you. No fabrications. Write only the words coming out of my mouth. I’m so tired of fabrications.”  Concluded Vivi.

Shortly after we published our last story about Vivi, her friend Super model Mimi Ceesay Janha reacted to allegations that her upcoming movie was being sponsored by Vivi’s Senegalese Millionaire boyfriend.
Based on what we’ve gathered, we can conclude that Vivi and Mimi are working on a project together both neither of them was willing to make any further comments about the details of the project. Cheye, Vivi ak Mimi. Khawma lunyo togadeh, waye chin su nareh nekh, su bakheh dafaye khenge. We can’t wait to see the finish product.

Since Vivi had promised to be on the Gambian Talents radio on numerous occasions and failed us every single time, Gambian Talents Celebrity corner facilitated a blog interview with Vivi in which she cleared the air on several rumors about her including her relationship with Mr. Tin tin, her Denies father, other characters in Nakala, her Ex-marriage life and more. Watch this space or visit for the full interview

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