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For those of you who have been asking about his whereabouts, this is what he's been walking on. After a long silence, Pa Omar Jack has finally released a new Zouk single called "Mbettel".

PA Omar Jack was one of the most promising Gambian Talents. Until 2 years ago, moye won sung yakar when it comes to mbalax music. Jamano gi, dafa melno dama neng aye laafam mom tamit just like those before him. Cheye Gambia! Why is it hard for us to support our own?

 Pa Omar Jack came to resettle in the US about a year ago and has since been Soul searching. There is no doubt that Pa is a very talented and versatile artist. He has a great voice and he is creative with his lyrics.

Lack of support made him and his generation of Gambian musicians such as Singateh Rise, Dr Olugander Abukpapa, Bakary Njie, Jalex Touray and others leave The Gambia to resettle in the diaspora. Each of these folks had a very promising future in music. If they do what they did the same exact way in any other country in the world, they will all be millionaires and would have been international artist by now. Guest what though, they all left for Babylon in search of greener pastures. Jamano jii, nyu ngeh raba raba kom nyep.

Pa Omar Jack came to resettle in the US a little over a year ago. Since then, he's been soul searching. He first released a Mbalax single "Macha tangal plus" which was a remix of one of his hit songs that he only played live with his Jeff jell band in the Gambia but never released it. The single was not as big as his previous singles but did fairly well probably because he is not in Gambia anymore.

 Pa Omar Jack did not give up. He followed it up with a hiphop/reggae song called "Roses" featuring Ojay. In this song, PA Omar Jack sang about the Back way to Europe and the xenophobia that took place in South Africa few months ago. That song also did ok.

Here is Pa Omar again with another single "Mbettel". This time zouk. Pa Omar is a very talented artist. There's no doubt about that. He's dedicated all his life to playing music. Since he came to Alaska where he currently lives, he's endeavored to learn to play the keyboard and make beats. He's been hiding using the Internet to learn a lot about music and interacting with other local musicians in Alaska. Lambatou bonut. Khew khewi aayut. Nyaka khewa bon. Don't give up brother Pa Omar. Go for it. Kepa kuye nyordi, su dogut  rek di nga mosa aga. Gambian Talents is proud of you. Click on the following link to listen to the song. Enjoy, this song by Pa Omar Jack,


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