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Brikama People call Journalist a “Frustrated frog”

 For the past 2 weeks, D J Kepz of Vibes FM/Standard newspaper  have been updating his facebook profile with an alleged beef between Benjamin (the dancehall king) and ST (The Gambian Dream) both of whom are from Brikama.  According to Kepz, he has been receiving a lot of friend request and inbox messages from the people of Brikama since after he posted the news about Benjamin and ST being at war.  Kepz did not elaborate on the kind of messages but was quick to add that  some were not pleasant to read at all.

Brikama people are known for being very proud of each other and always standing up for their own. This morning, Journalist Modou Lamin Jammeh (a Reporter for the Daily Observer Newspaper) who is also from Brikama  finally  updated the Facebook page "Brikama Nkolou Nyaatoo Dorong" reacting to DJ Kepz's allegation about the 2 Brikama  born talents. Read on.

“Greetings Gambia! The awaited time has now arrived to break the culture of silence with regards to the issue of Benjahmin and ST....I want everybody, both nationally and globally, to realize the love and understanding between these two young men....Recently, I've noticed that some stupid enemies of Brikama and its people, are spreading   false info that Ben and ST are having a very serious beef....However, I want to make them know that these two stars are professional artists, who are both making names in The Gambian music industry and as well working tirelessly towards the improvement and development of music in Brikama......Their areas are different and above all, the good relationship between them is enough to prevent any so-called beef that "Saitan" might bring their way much more something serious than that.... We'll not allow outsiders to bring confusion between our great promising people and we're ready to challenge anyone who wants to initiate such....We the people of Brikama are well known for giving out support and encouragement to our people and also fusing on issues that will gear towards the progress of our beloved town .......So we won't entertain that so-called duty music Journalist, who knows nothing about media and music, and started jumping up like a frustrated frog, so as to research and write about ST and Ben.....Mr. so-called music Journalist, I’m urging you to go get some lessons on Journalism, from there you can embark on your research and produce your so-called story about their so-called serious beef.....Ask if you don't know and if you can't ask, then shot your bloody mouth up! SCOUCHING BLEACHING D' SULTAN SAID SO.....Maad luv to ST and his crew, maad luv to Ben and his and team, likewise Akipunture and his movement, and the whole music lovers and promoters in Brixton...Paa Paa paa!”

When we reached out to Mr Jammeh and asked him if he is related to any of the 2 artists biologically or in any other form, he had this to say “I’m just in for the development of music in Brikama and the country at large...That's all”. We asked Mr Jammeh other follwoup questions which he did not respond to until the time of going to press.

We reached out to DJ  Kepz as well for his reaction to Mr Jammeh and he had this to say;

 “He or she has all rights to his opinion, but according to the way he writes, it seems that the person has something personal against me. As a journalist, I have my facts and I’m yet to release those facts. Let him watch out on Wednesday I will drop the full story on our new page and website. I’m doing my job and you as a writer get ready to receive millions of messages like that. Normally if they are not well known, I don’t give them the room to make noise But I consider the big names. For example when S.T posts a comment on my page, I publish it. That will be my comment for this person.  I will not call him names like how he did to me. I will say mad love to him and thank him for me for following my “frustrated frog stories”. If I don’t have people like him my stories will not be read. ABARAKA"

DJ Kepz is getting known for being a drama king. He is always updating his facebook page with controversial stories and articles about the Gambian musicians and other people in the showbiz.  Guess what? He seem to be enjoying it as he always comes back to  report his encounters with the artists and people who are not happy with him.

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