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Reports reaching our desk the past 2 days has it that 2 of the  Gambian TV Stations in London Interface Gambia (One of the first Gambian TV programs  anchored on Ben TV Sky Channel 182, or owned by Mr. Sheriff Jam) and the newly opened Smiling Coast TV which is accessible on Roku, Google android, Mobile app and their website owned by Mr Lamine B Cisse and Mr. Almamo Fatty) has been going through some rough moments for the past few months but was blown out of proportion over the weekend.

Unconfirmed reports have it that the Interface Gambia crew has been really uncomfortable and intimidated by the inception of Smiling Coast TV few months ago.

According to our source, most of the staff of The Smiling Coast TV has worked at Interface Gambia for a while before exploring other online radio and TV Stations including Smiling Coast TV. This could be the reason why the 2 institutions are not seeing eye to eye.

Some 14 hours ago, Smiling Coast TV posted a status update on their facebook page

 "We are very disturbed by the news coming from London. Our Presenter, Eva Sarr, has been attacked for the second time. Friends and Colleagues of Mr Sheriff Jam should advise him to understand that this is a nation of laws. Assault of any kind is a criminal offence and action will be taken against those assailants.


Smiling Coast TV is here to stay! Lack of self confidence is a pity and Interface should understand that there is more to life than unhealthy competition. '"as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same" Marianne Williamson

We hope to keep you smiling at all times." Concluded the release.

Please note that the said "victim" Eva Sarr is a staff of the Gambian Talents Radio. She currently produces and presents the weekly "Xew xew Jamano" show every Thursday and co-hosts the Lutakh Gambia du dem" show every Sunday on the GT Radio.

Nonetheless, she was at the London Cultural events to cover the Friday Cultural Night for Smiling Coast TV and show solidarity to Yaram Arts on behalf of Gambian Talents Promotion. She was hired by Yaram Arts to co-hosts the Titi Show with brother Waka Jagne on Saturday.

Eva has also worked at Interface for a while before quitting to join The Gambian Talents team late last year. Did Sheriff really assault Eva? What will be a potential reason for the assault?

We are independently investigating this matter and will keep you posted accordingly. Cheye Gambia. Lee lukofi Jarr?


And by the way, kudos to Njok Malick and the entire Yaram Arts crew for putting together this wonderful event. Stay tuned

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