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Omid  sekou  wisdom  is one of the few  Gambian talents who is  not only aware of the music business that he is involved with but general issues about life. He speaks and writes great English and also has an intellectual mind unlike a lot of our current day musicians.  Just spark a conversation with Omid on any topic and he will give you a critical and mature analysis from an intellectual perspective. He has never traveled outside of African but Omid is very exposed to current world affairs including politics and social issues. Yes, he can be a radical sometimes but he always bases his arguments on facts.

He is very confident of himself and will go all the way out to defend his point of view with facts and evidences without yelling and screaming his longs out.

Every country around the world has musicians like Omid Wisdom. Method man in the United states was respected by big cats in the showbiz and thus was featured by Biggy Smalls and he earned the respect of  Tupac and others. With all that, he is not as big as thye were.

 In our neighboring Senegal, he can be compared to one like Cheikh N’digel Lo who is also well respected by a lot of their greatest musicians like Grammy award winner Youssou Ndour and others, yet still, his name is not all over the place. Their lyrics are usually deeper than the man on the street can comprehend. They not have a large following and may not make a lot of money from music. But guess what? They earn a lot of respect from their followers as well as the other folks in their line of business who are seen as the masters of the game.

Omid Wisdom may not be making a lot of money from his music in The Gambia, but he has established himself following universal music standards and protocol.

Omid  Wisdom is one of few Gambian musicians who will always  take it up as a duty to release a statement  on most of the issues affecting the Gambia giving out his perspective  and opinion without fear or favor. 

Recently,  he updated his Facebook page with the following message.

 " When the smoke clears everyone tries to make sense of what happened.

Omid Wisdom is one of the few artist that will tell you he never had any problem with any kind of genres.Be it Killa Ace's New York influenced hip hop, or Gee to Bai Babou's Senegal mbalax fusioned raps,Benjamin's english/patois speaking reggae,T Smalls multi sonic cultural variations. The list goes on.

Let me help the young listener make sense of it all.

Omid Wisdom will tell you the struggle is more concerning young black man creating a future for themselves by doing music rather than having to commit 'crimes', rob steal, sell drugs etc..or give in to hopelessness due to poverty of education, finances etc irrespective of genres.

The struggle of society is bigger than that of musical genres. Delulen si dega has always been bigger than a genre. Just an emphasis on doing whatever one was doing in the right way.

The music and the message...and the business.

My fans see things like I see them.For what they truly are.

Nevertheless, before the smoke clears everyone tries to make sense of what happened.

2nd Album in the works.
Sunland Music
Name of album soon disclosed on relevant media.”


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