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He took over the crown and occupies the center stage of Gambian Dancehall for almost 3 years now.  Hardly does a single month pass without him releasing a new song. Yes, we can attest to it because we get new songs from him every month. ENC is a very lyrical and vocal artist. With his unique style, he could be termed as the Benney man of The Gambia.

He is also one of the few Gambian artists who always speak their mind with objectivity and reasoning on a lot of social issues.  He is very confident and will defend his point at any cost.

ENC has not released an album yet but we can comfortably say that he has released more than enough singles to produce an album.


Over the years, he branded himself as a businessman by creating World vibe Entertainment in December of 2014, expanding his wings in to other areas within the music business.  ENC is the host of the famous “Back stage show” on Paradise FM and he also manages few artists.

Speaking to Gambian Talents Entertainment, ENC said he opened the recording studio to also contribute his quarter to the development of Gam showbiz. “All the equipment in the studio are brand new and we started operating since august of 2015. We work with major producers in The Gambia and abroad to make good and quality music. I personally as an artist grew up in this music business and I learnt a lot and understand the things that artists need to produce good and quality music. One major problem is production and World Vibe Records is here to work with the artists in producing good music, make changes and bring growth.” Said ENC.

When asked how they intend to do all this, ENC added, “by making quality records, creating promotional packages for artists through our radio shows and online TV channel, graphic design, booking shows and planning events”.

According to ENC, the studio is open to all artists and producers.

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