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There is that ever repeated adage that unity is power, perhaps over used but nonetheless an undeniable truth. American president Theodore Roosevelt once said;

'I am a strong individualist by personal habit, inheritance, and conviction; but it is a mere matter of common sense to recognize that...the community...(the people) acting together, can do a number of things better than if they were left to individual action'.

Throughout the history of the world, United forces have always been the dominant, major players in all affairs be it at the organizational, national or international level. The United States, the UK, the European Union, NATO, the United Nation, these are the entities that determine and influence world policy.

As a nation the U.S. is one of the most geographically, multiculturally and ethnically diverse nations on earth and such a synergistic fusion of variety (cemented by a singleminded focus on unity), has led to the most powerful nation on earth.

The UN, arguably the most prominent contributor to the rising authority and acceptance of the norms of public international law, is another testament to what unity can achieve. Despite the limitations inherent in enforcement of international law, with the commitment (generally) to a common objective by member states, the UN is increasingly influencing positive action in fields such as women's rights, education, human rights, democracy and poverty while also helping rally nations to pressure rogue agents (individual or national) who threaten world peace into conformity.

Similarly As a united entity, NATO represents a unified, formidable and deterrent defense coalition against aggression towards its member states. All of the above examples have been made possible at the scale they operate, through cooperation and a unified common goal.

To a significantly smaller degree maybe, but still equally important, because local communities are the building blocks nation are built upon, GRAB has decided to adopt this model framework of unity and cooperation (and hope all Gambians will too). We hope to attract any person, or group of persons (and will collaborate with anyone if invited to support positive initiatives) who share the belief that by working together as Gambians (and indeed with non-Gambians) we can build stronger local communities within our societies, which will be formidable and influential enough to generate more attention to, and support of the needs of Gambians living within communities in the UK. It begins with us, so we therefore invite any/all Gambians who think they can contribute (and we know every single one can) to strengthening GRAB's efforts and objectives of taking the initiative and helping our own.

The objective is to

1. increase the number of Gambian and local residents who access primary healthcare, thereby improving the individual and collective health of the community.

2. To increase the number of Gambians and local residents who access employment support and training, helping to create a more productive community.

3. To increase the number of Gambians and local residents initiate small businesses, leading to economic independence.

4. To create facilities for community advancement, cohesion and social mobility.

5. To create, provide or procure training and support for Gambians and local residents in skills and knowledge building, thereby creating a more progressive community.

Therefore, whatever walk of life you're engaged in, student, teacher, lawyer, businessman/woman, nurse doctor, parent, your contribution (in any capacity) is desired and needed, lets share ideas, efforts and work together. After all, a hand fought best when it made a fist, so GRAB on, let's make a change.

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