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Africa as we all know it is such a beautiful place. Coming from a country like The Gambia further buttresses that fact even the more. However amidst all that beauty and those breathtaking sights, is an ugly face that keeps poking its nasty nose in the continent’s supposed to be perfect livelihood.

Set in the rustic ends of The Gambia’s traditional society, “Darkness Under The Sun” is a short film that appreciates both the beauty and the ugly realities that many young girls in traditional African societies experience, in their quest to secure love, companionship, true happiness and freedom.

As written and directed by Ousman Sayeed Jarju, this short film tells the story of a young girl – Jai who is struggling to free herself from the bondage of forced marriage, greed and obsession. Her unequivocal resistance makes her even more vulnerable, hence her decision to seek the intervention of the oracle to look into her helpless situation.

Her suitors will not relent unleashing their evil and undying obsession on her. Unfortunately, her poor and powerless parents are unable to help as they all found themselves equally suppressed and vulnerable to society’s impending stigma.

For Jai, every night is another nightmare-evil lurking in the shadows. Day time is unending running. Her only consolation is the love of a boy who unfortunately, society, taboo and tribal restrictions would not let her be with.

She keeps searching, but would she find? She keeps running, but when shall she reach the finish line?

Told in an intriguing, captivating and cinematic manner, “Darkness Under The Sun”, tells the untold of story of many young girls engulfed within the harsh walls of love, power and evil, and the true lies that surrounds the lives of many young girls in Africa.

“Darkness Under The Sun”, is a MediaMatic production in association with Sixty-Six Films and co-executive produced by Muhammed Hakeem Mahoney and Harona Drammeh.

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