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April fool, who is the fool that will marry Singateh


Yesterday, I reported that Singateh A.K.A Freaky Joe announced that he was getting married and invited everyone. I had a strong believe that he was indeed getting married due to the fact that he is not getting any younger and he is probably tired of breaking a lot of girl’s hearts.

By the time I wrote the piece, I had every reason to believe that it was April fool. Singateh of all people could never hold his grind and be professional about the way he interacts with people on his Facebook page and I would not have been surprise if this post was true. With all his achievements and success, Singateh together with several Gambian artists spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social media chit chatting with people via status updates.  He even discusses personal matters and establishes relationships through status update posts which the whole world sees instead of regular inbox messages.  For example, after we put up this story about him, Singateh 6 hours later wrote on his Facebook page again , “Chaa Paracetamon, I can't belief I got you all April fooled or should I call it Bloody Fool , I have never been congratulated like this before , if u see how some people prayed for me I couldn't see it as a joke no more. Maybe I need to do something now bcos sen nyan yee du musa dannu. Love you guys it was just a joke. Remember is first of April lol be aware, sorry if I got you on this one.”

If Singateh had stop at this, it wouldn’t be a big deal but as soon as people started commenting on his post, he started responding to every single comment and mentioning everyone by name and he continued this for over 4 hours just responding to most comments posted by others.

Honestly, “Celebrities don’t act like that in the real world of Showbiz. In fact, most of them don’t manage their own social media pages and even if they do, they only post stuff relevant to their work and as needed. The issue here is not Singateh posting an April fool but the way he continually spent time on Facebook and other social media unprofessionally. I saw Singateh’s post 2 hours after he posted it and because he did not respond to any of the comments and congratulatory messages, I could straight up tell that it was April fool. Nonetheless, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt and went ahead to publish the story. At least if nothing, he got free publicity.


Since we don’t have a structured industry in the Gambia and no regulations governing our affairs, let’s steer it up for ourselves and establish our own structures. We understand it is hard but once you are able to pull through and make name for yourself with little or no help, try taking it to the next level by putting together a strong team that will run your affairs. Get a manager and/or a PR person to be responsible for your bookings and social media pages and you only do interviews. An artist/ celebrity should be difficult to see. Once people see or interact with you every day, you will no longer be seen any differently. If putting together a team proves to be impossible and you cannot trust someone to manage and update your fans, please cut down the amount of time you spend on social media.

Some of us also get excited when we release new songs thereby rushing to put it up on social media even if it is not mixed. Sometimes, some of us post the none final version of the same song 3 times before we put up the final version. Most of us post unfinished songs making ourselves very unprofessional because that’s what the people will judge us by. Just today, I received an email from one of our followers requesting me to address this issue of poorly recorded songs and the issue of cursing in our songs.

Some of us will upload 80% of our songs that are meant for our albums/mix tapes. How do we expect to make money from our work when we release and publish all of them prior to the album release?

A word is enough for the wise. Let us stop being proud and work harder. Let’s understand that we have a long way to go and stop getting too comfortable in our little boxes. Music has no boundaries but it comes as a full package. Unless and until we change some of our ways and embrace the package, it will be hard for any of us to make it. Honestly speaking, we have a lot of talents who are able to put Gambia on the map but one thing we need to change is our attitudes. Gambia we rep forever, cha kaw cha kanam.

Contributed by Pa Ousan Joof
For GT Entertainment News

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