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421626 2795842134553 49337047 nLast week Sunday, information reaching our desk has it that one of the top Gambian rappers has stolen money in the amount of D1800.00 from a girl at a private residence during a private party.


Our source who chose to remain anonymous wouldn't give us details about the incident because she felt like spearing the dude just because "nyun nyep Gambian leng". We asked her why she brought the story to us if that is the case and she said "howma sah." According to her, she just wants other artists "to learn from it rec. "





jatou mbowA few names of eye witnesses and people who were present came up which included Jatou Mbowe a.k.a ThaBoss Chick, former D.J, Presenter, Actress and CEO of Dreamz lounge in Senegambia.

We reached out to Jatou to shed some light on the issue. "Rumors have started spreading with a lot of people acting like they were there when they were not. I understand that I didn't give you the name or whatever. Like, if I wanted to actually say who the person was, I was actually gona tag him on facebook. It's unfair neh it's already bad enough that his career is crashing down beh muye wara sacha as little as D1800 and then ma warr ko expose and his career is over laigi lum woyat du safat ken or whatever. No I cannot live with that you understand what I'm saying. If I'm gona tell you who did it, I'm gona be like Artist X, Y AND Z did it and I don't mind you quoting me that according to Jatou Mbowe............... but, koku nonu, careeram laneka di soraleh. So yangeh gis suma point todu. I feel bad for the person. Damako yerem and since it happened, almost every 30 minutes or an hour, he has been calling to apologize and I gave him my word. I'm not gona expose you, but you stole in front of other people and I don't have control over what those people do, but I can guarantee you of my actions. So understand nga. I gave him my word so I'm sorry, munumalen joh turr. Alright yall find out rek.. i don't feel right giving out his name and I don't know why you want to paste my name to it". Firmly echoed ThaBoss Chick.


gambinoOur source hinted that Gambino was also present at the scene. When reached out for his reaction, The Aku Boy who was in the country at the time to attend his mom's funeral told us that "I went with my childhood friend from Canada who accompanied me to a spot to relax and clear my head, in the process we eventually invited a friend of mine to come join us, as my friend from Canada met him earlier at my house and they both had a decent conversation. He came and literally after about 1 to 2hrs we called it a night. Later...Some of us amongst the group decided to relax @ another spot. I was sitting and having a conversation with another dude who we found @ the spot, he later left and the next thing I know is..... one of the dudes I was with storm past me and I was informed that he took some cash from someone's purse, that's all I know from the incident and it's Been settled. The parties involved had it sorted. That's what I know and hope it helps. Iol i can't give names bro, ask your source who told you the story."


15380862 1287811824595747 3753676016694729927 nWe reached out to a 3rd person who supposedly knows something about the incident and she said "lol dor ma yobu keur yamaaa ditah. So yow u really want to expose this artist ...and what will you gain from it ? Just let let him be he has a child n this is a big shame for him. U dont know if he is struggling sah n the money was not ebonys as ppl r making it out. so u guys just let it be. I feel disloyal telling u. Sorry suma ngorr meyu mako. I know u smart u will get it very soon." Cried this source as well.


At this point, our investigation became more intense. It could be recalled that we talked about this incident on our Celeb Avenue show last Monday where we promised to get the facts for our listeners who wanted to know. To avoid speculations, we decided to reach out to a few top Gambian musicians/rappers. The first one we got hold of broke the news to us to clear himself. "Nooooo, Pa Ous. Du man deh. Purr muye lerr. I hope nekulo dima record rek."

After assuring him that he was not being recorded and his name will not be released, the top musician was like "Belahi man bro, sa waagi la. MLK. Hawma lan moko dugal si lii."

We immediately reached back out to Gambino and Jatou Mbowe to confirm the name but they still won't do so.


MUDIWASupposedly, the person whose money was stolen by the rapper is Mudiiwa Ngum, daughter of Lie Ngum a.k.a Abdel Kabirr. She is part of Jatou Mbowe’s clique. When reached out, Mudiiwa said "Good evening sir. Apologies on the late reply just received your message. About the events of the weekend, with all due respect I choose to overlook it. I believe it was an unfortunate situation that came with its complications. I ve worked with MLK before and I want to believe that whatever he did was not intentional and if i may, I would please like to request that none of it gets published." Requested Mudiiwa.

In our quest to follow due diligence, we reached out to MLK himself by sending him multiple messages on both his Facebook Messenger and whatsapp. He opened our messages but chose not to respond.

One thing is for sure. These are the kinds of things that take our country backward. The Gambian Talents, celebrities and public figures need to understand that "Ku bort buki, hach bowla." They are supposed to be role models in society. Thus they need to watch their actions.


Any and everything you do, (good or bad), there's somebody out there looking up to you. Kon boke, nai jeka all the time. Whether MKL was joking or not is a different story. Whether they settled it in house or not is a different story. Li Orr teh worr moye, he stole and stealing is wrong especially by a public figure who is looked up to by so many people. Let this be a lesson learned for all other public figures and celebrities. Your lives are no longer private. People are interested inyour daily routine. If you were in other countries, paparazzis will be following you left and right just to have something to say about you daily. Kon baayilen sen hell. We will be talking more about this on the Celeb Avenue show today on the Gambian Talents Radio at 6pm GMT.

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