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DJ Sheikh Ndong a.k.a Chatti Atlanta was on Saturday April 5th 2014 awarded for his philanthropic efforts in uniting the Senegambians/ African community in the Atlanta Metro area.  Sheikh Ndong was the only Gambian who received one of eight awards presented to the Senegalese living in the USA. Seven other Senegalese including the Senegalese Consular in New York were also honored for their roles in the development of the Senegalese community in Atlanta.

Speaking to GT Entertainment news, Mr. Lamin Fall, the president of the Senegalese Community for Aid and self-development (SENCAD), told our reporter that “the awards were part of SENCAD’s efforts to recognize few members of the community who contributed significantly to the development of SENCAD within the past year. We gave out a total of eight awards during our 54th Independence celebrations in Atlanta which was attended by several dignitaries and the entire African community in the metro Atlanta. We honored Sheikh because he is an exceptionally talented young man who has the community at heart. He is not only working for the Gambians alone but the entire African community. He has been helping us with a lot of technical stuff and never accepted any money from us even when we offered him. His skills are unquestionable and we the Senegalese people in Atlanta appreciate him a lot.”

Mr. Ebou Touray, a long time Gambian businessman and community leader in Atlanta also described Sheikh Ndong as a very hardworking and respectful young man who is doing a lot for the community. “He deserves this award and even more awards.” Said Mr. Touray.

Talking to our reporter from his residence in College Park Georgia,  Atlanta’s youngest Gambian DJ Sheikh Ndong described the award as a surprise.  He told us that “it was nice to be recognized and appreciated outside of the Gambian community. I really didn’t expect this. I am only doing my part towards the development of our community.  We need volunteers. Our elders will soon retire and it will be our time to take over. If we don’t step up to the plate now and learn from them while contributing in our own little ways, we will find it very difficult when it is our turn. I call on all the young people to come forward and support our organizations because they need us. For we are the cream of our society and our participation will make a big difference. I thank Uncle Lamin Fall and all the entire Senegalese community for giving me such an award.”

At age 30, Sheikh Ndong has already made a name for himself in the Atlanta metro Area and beyond. After briefly attending Methodist and Serrekunda primary school in The Gambia respectively, Sheikh and his family moved to the USA in 1995. He lived in New York for 2 years and attended PS 129 Elementary School and 143 Adam Clinton Powell JHS. He then moved to Atlanta GA and continued attending Campbell Middle and High School where he acquired his High School Diplomat.

As an all-rounder, he was able to establish a strong foundation for himself as a child. He had always been very responsible and as a result, had a job at an early age working as a cashier for his uncles before discovering his path as a DJ, Photographer and Videographer.

Quite and respectful sheikh does a lot voluntary work that he stays behind the scene and take no credit for. He started doing Professional Photography at the age of 16 in the late 90’s with the help and support of his cousin and God father the late Saidou Ndow (R.I.P)  who trained and supported him throughout his journey as a DJ, video and photographer. In less than 2 years, he had started handling his own sessions taking professional photos. He now travels to the four corners of the US providing excellent video, photography or DJ services.

As he always likes to learn new things, sheikh after being sure of his photography skills, decided to venture in to a new area he had always loved and admired. In 2000, he ventured into event video production as a camera man and editor. Sheikh’s creativity gives him the ability to put special effects on his work and handle the camera in a way that makes a lot of professionals wonder and ask him what school he graduated from.

“Chatti Atlanta” the young girls called him. He is the youngest Gambian D.J in the Atlanta Metro Area. In 2002, after he had established himself in to video production, he started looking in to being a D.J. His love for music since at a very early age made him push to become a D.J. His dream had indeed come through as he is now the youngest and one of the hottest D.Js in the south.

He has worked with a lot of African musicians and in the USA backing them at concerts and producing music videos. He is currently a very strong and committed member of the Atlanta Gambian Emergency Relief Association (A.G.E.RA) and a very involved and influential DJ in the metro Atlanta especially the African clubs.  For more information about Sheikh, check out his facebook page


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