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17951926 617725735089785 3126833919816018874 nCELEBRATING OUR LIVING LEGENDS. HAPPY BAFFDAY TO THE TRIO Singateh Rejoice, Sura Susso AND ABU MBYE. 3 GOLDEN VOICES FROM THE GAMBIA.


Singateh a.k.a Freaky Joe is one of the biggest reggae musicians The Gambia will ever produce. Not only is he a good SINGER, he is also very lyrical. He now tops it with going to school to chisel his rough edges and polish his music skills. He is an aspiring international producer.


Abu Mbye, second lead vocalist of "Abu and Fafa" is also no strange name to The Gambian showbiz. "Kewel du tope, dorm ja bota. " He is the son of singer Olley Chune and drummer Mr Baro Mbye, a true Gambian legend who worked with several top Gambian and Senegalese artists. Abu and his sister continue to follow the footsteps of their parents in everyway, shape or form. What I like most about him is his humility and professionalism.


Sura Susso is the real deal. This young man lets them talk the talk while he works the work. Sura Suso is shaking mountains . He is one of the few mainstream Gambian artists who made it to the international scene. He reps Gambia all the way but deals less with Gambians. He barely performs at any Gambian event. Trust me, Sura is the real deal. He is not no chala chala musician and this is proven in a recent post we published on our website in which music legend Kora Award winner Badou Jobe mentioned his name as one of the few international Gambian Artists. He studied and mastered his craft and uses his golden voice to break rocks and mountains to pieces. Sura plays the Kora and sings at the same time. "Toubaabol yaa kanu baakeh. " With all his successes, Sura Suso still remains humble.

Today marks the birthday of these 3 gems and we at Gambian Talents just like before are glad to join the rest of the world to wish the trio a happy baff day.


According to Badou Jobe "Sura Susso has an impressive musical pedigree, hailing from the famous Suso kora clan.
He is the son of kora maestro and singer Momodou Suso, long-time member of IFANG BONDI, and the great singer Fatou Cissokho.
Sura is also the brother of international award winner the kora virtuoso Seckou Keita with whom he toured all over the world, together with his equally talented sister singer Binta Suso.


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