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GEEGibou Bala Gaye who was in the US for about a month was welcomed back home with a sucker punch which led to bruishes and bloody elbow. This is really getting out of hand. Who did Gee offend so bad that they have to revenge like this? It could be recalled that we had Gibou as a special guest in the Gambian Talents Studios in Seattle in an exclusive interview in which he revealed a lot of things about his music and The Gambian showbiz as a whole.


Earlier yesterday, Gibou wrote:

"So i found parking, got out the car heading towards Pencha Mi Hall.. the guy was like " hey artist " pretend like he shaking my hand n threw a sucker punch.. lol a few of them ,so i ran towards Seaview . Got to the garrage n stopped.. he's my size so it really went down.. smh..

Da sad part is i dont even know the guy n never seen his ass.. my life.. now here i am bruised, bloody elbows hunting a motherf***r .. a hell of a welcome back home .. #NewGambia .."


In a separate post, Gibou wrote :

"Woke my body hurts.. sai si starting bi jeku nama nak 🙈🙈

All said n' done i dont know who it is or have any possible suspects, i wasnt in Gambia for the past month and i cant recall anyone ive got problems with.
Balal nakor Aha whoever it is... i've got way too much at hand im working with to shift my concentration on some nonsense.
This is what they do always trying to break or distract u..

Thanks for the calls n msgs , everyone concerned of my well being.

I wanna be able to carry legally ... whats the process in Gambia? Id appreciate help..."


It's unfortunate that this has to happen to Gibou. Its about ti me our celebrities especially thr musicians get their own bodyguard if this is what the "New Gambia" is turning into.

What do you think of this ?

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