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"Our music is going international! Says Jali Madi Kanuteh

GT Entertainment news has now confirmed that the rising Gambian Afro Manding sensation Jali Madi Kanuteh is in Europe for the WaawAfrica Music Festival. Jali Madi’s Facebook update yesterday, read “My European tour is coming to the end for now. Met so many good artists and great connections, our music is going international! Thank you Pape Cisse WaawAfrica for inviting me! Thank you Joluv Arts entertainment. Miss you Gambia, coming back to continue the hard work for the next album. I promise some great surprises including some of the biggest artists from Africa, be ready for that! Jali love”

Jali, did not state when exactly he will be going back home but did assure his fans that his trip is fruitful and he look forward to seeing them soon.

Over the years, most Gambian artists who travel abroad often organize a welcome back show but we are not sure if Jali Madi will throw one even though there is a high chance that it will be successful base on the turnout at his recent album release party/launching.


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