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“I am not dating Vivi and we are not married” D J Lil Sisqo reacts to rumors of being married

Few days ago, social media went viral with photos and news about Gambia’s event promoter, movie producer, actor and director D J Lil Sisqo and his “new wife” Vivi Chris a Gambian UK base actress and producer.

A well written story which suggests that Sisqo and Vivi secretly got married in London was sent to our desk on Tuesday and the story read:

”The Gambian Movie Director and Actor Dj-Lil Sisqo and Actress Vivi Amie Chris wedded secretly last week in London. I am not sure of the actual date they wedded, but I was able to get these pictures, which was taken the night of their wedding. They celebrated the night at a secret venue and invited few people .The superstar couple are about to throw the biggest wedding party this summer. Few family members are against this union, but it is said that the young couples are madly in love and no one can stop them from celebrating their love.











According to sources Youssou Ndour has given his blessings to this Union, as he recently signed a production deal witt Mr. Momodou Lamin Touray commonly known as DJ lil sisqo.

Is this union going to last? Well let's wait and see. I think the only thing we should do is to pray for the young couples as they are drunk in love. They are about to travel to Paris for their honeymoon.

My question is why the secret wedding? How long they have been dating? Please help us.”

Upon receiving the story, we contacted “the couple” for their reaction. Our reporter contacted DJ Lil Sisqo to confirm his marriage with Vivi Chris and he has this to say “I am not dating Vivi and we are not married. Pa thanks for taking your time to get an authentic story. I will start by saying this is completely false.
I had a lot of calls, messages etc about the said post from Whats On Gambia……………. I decided to keep the cool and wait for the right time to respond.

We had a wedding scene and the said pictures were taken. These pictures were sent to few people including the management of TFM to help us choose which one of the pictures can we use for the poster  so as to promote the TV series, Then bammm, It was on what's on.

We have been filming the series for a while now, we wanted to keep it down low and surprise everybody. I never promoted anything about the Nakala TV series, even thou we have been doing it for a while now. No one ever said a word about it. But they spoiled the whole surprise. And about the marriage issue, Lol no….. Vivi is a professional actress. We are character stars, we are doing what the series ask for. Vivi is such an amazing character and that's what I love about her.” Said D.J Lil Sisqo to our reporter in an exclusive interview. “ But you guys look good together though. Lol” Said our reporter to DJ Sisqo. Click on the following Link for the full interview.


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