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Killa Ace to represent Gambia at International Hiphop Festival

Recently, Killa Ace a.k.a Ali Baba, a.k.a Borom Bondeh yi has banded himself as the God father of Gambian hiphop. He is doing everything possible to makes sure that Gambian hiphop survives. This came at midst recent switch by a lot of Gambian hiphop artists/ rappers who have changed their genre to a new style of music called Rap Mbalax. Gibou Bala Gaye a.k.a Gee and Bai Babou borom Damayii are clear example of such artists who cross carpeted from doing pure hiphop to rap mbalax (rapping mostly about love) Both Gee and Bai Babou argued that they did hiphop for the longest and did not get anywhere with it but started getting somewhere after they switched to rap mbalax. As a result, they are holding on to it tight.

When rap mbalax started gaining momentum in The Gambia, hip hop was literally dying. Killa Acee and a few other rappers held on to it and are doing everything possible to make sure that it stays alive. He has launched several successful projects especially within the past one year and believe it or not; he has become the face of Gambian hiphop. In a press release sent to Gambian Talents Promotion, Mr Ali Balla said  

Str8 From Jupiter Ent hereby informing the general public that Killa Ace is re-selected again to represent The Gambia at the annual Firsta 2h International Hip Hop event in Dakar, Senegal, one of the biggest hip hop festivals in the world. Thirteen countries are to take part in this yearly event and The Gambia hasn't been left out due to its increasing contribution in Hip Hop around the world. This couldn't have been handed to none other than the most influential and outspoken hip hop artist, Killa Ace. His dedication and commitment to the art hasn't been doubted as the most celebrated. As usual, we count on your support and prayers for him to execute this noble undertaking on behalf of The Gambia as a nation.” 

According to a press release on "We want to host a festival in Senegal that creates a meeting point for all the hip hoppers of the world," said Matador, a prominent Senegalese artist and founder of the festival's host organization, Africulturban.” This year’s festival will take place in Dakar from June 4th to June 8th 2014 and this is the second time that Killa Ace is representing Gambia on this platform. Poetic X and Alu B (a Gambian rapper bases in Senegal will also be repping according to our source. Gtp will keep you posted on the festival.

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