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Find out from the Nakala TV Series teaser if Vivi Chris and DJ Lil Sisqo are married

The most awaited Teaser for the Naakala TV Series is has been finally released. Produced and directed by Momodou Lamin Touray a.k.a D J Lil Sisqo, the Nakala Tv Series is one of the most awaited releases from Senegambia. It’s reasonable to expect that collaboration between 2-RAYZ SYNDICATE and TFM will be an amazing production.

The new teaser offers a brief glimpse at the upcoming adventures of SISQO, Vivi Amie Chris, Marie Kumba Gomez, Bella Gassama, Gina Manneh and other casts.

According to DJ Lil Sisqo, “ very few productions always evolve without a hitch. There will always be the planned action that does not work, the last minute disappointments, the prop that breaks, the missed cue and my question has always been, how I can handle a production of this magnitude without any sponsors. Can I really do this? But thanks to the Almighty…. for he always do what's best. I have a well-coordinated production group, great and amazing casts who are working day and night to make sure we produce a TV series, that will give that WOW impression to our audience. No more sleep for me…… All I eat and Drink is Nakala.”










Over the weekend, the Nakala production manager published a statement on their facebook page as follows. “After sending the Teaser to the Managing Director of TFM, Mr. Ndiaga Ndour, he was like " Mr. Touray the teaser is Super super Nice, like they say no fault or comment at all, we love it." in his happy Voice.”

When our reporter asked Mr Touray where he is going with his Nakala project, this is what he has to say “We are not only promoting Gambian actors, but Gambian music as well. You can see in the teaser we've interpreted the songs of Gambian artists.

We will stand out to promote what is ours, we wana take Gambia to places and showcase Gambian talents, most especially the people in the performing arts field. Duma tayii, dina dame, feheh deff lima mun, pour Gambia am industry bu nyep di recognize Inshalla.”

Accoding to Sisqo, there is no set date as to when the series will start to air on TFM. For now we are marketing the series and inviting sponsors to come on board. We are working hard to bring it out as soon as possible.”


2rays further thank the Senegambian community around the world and in his own words, he said “The reception we've got from the teaser is amazing, the Senegalse people love the production and our Gambian brothers and sisters are supporting from all over the world. It's a special feeling to see how people appreciate the job we've done.I will return all the Praises to the Almighty, my parents and all the fans. People who have been helping, showing love, support and appreciations. Yepp yenla. Without yen there is no Sisqo. I dedicate this one to my Prince my Son (A.T Boy) Daddy's lil man…I love you Alagie Touray.” Click on the following link to watch the Nakala Series teaser. Click this link to see what Pape Cheikh Diallo and The rest of the presenters think about the Nakala Teaser



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