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Amie Dibba and Ous CEO Touray tied the nut. Will the wedding take place in The Gambia, the US or UK?

Gambian US Born R&B singer Amie Dibba has finally tied the nut with her fiancée and Soul mate Ousman Touray a.k.a  Ous CEO Touray.

Both Amie and Ous are Celebrities and as a result have maintained a secret relationship for a while. Apparently, most people were caught by surprise when they heard the news. Neither of them ever put up anything on social media or mentioned anything openly which suggests that they were dating. For few months now, Ous deactivated his facebook page making it hard for anyone to reach him.


Both Ous and Amie are born to Gambian parents in the west.

Amie Dibba who holds both Gambian and US citizenship was born in Texas to Gambian parents (Lang Dibba from Farafenni and Ndye Awa Faal from Banjul) but has lived in Minnesota since the age of two.  Her dad, Lang was one time the president and he is still a very influential member of the Gambian community in Minnesota and her mother is a business woman.

Ousman Touray is a UK Citizen born to Gambian parents. He is the son of Hon. Fatou Mass Jobe Njie (Gambian’s Minister for Tourism and Culture). He was born in London but moved to the Gambia when he was 10 and lived there until he finished high school.


Both Amie and Ous are at least Bachelor’s degree holders. Amie attended University of Wisconsin-River Falls majoring in Marketing Communications with a minor in Mass Communications.  She currently lives in West Chester-Pennsylvania where she is pursuing her academic goals.

Ous who attended Ndow’s Comprehensive Senior Secondary School in the Gambia is a Civil engineer and project manager in the UK. He currently lives in London also pursuing his academic goals.



While Amie is a singer, Ous Touray is a promoter/event organizer. The chaku Bantang girl started singing at an early age. She recorded her first singles by herself in their basement in Minneapolis. She produced several singles and collaborated with a lot of artists but only released one album so far. She released the “I AM” album in 2011 and is currently working on her next album. Ous on the other hand, is an event organizer and promoter of SeneGambian Talents. Together with other partners, he has organized and produced several successful events in the Gambia and UK. He is also involved with Gam Music House which specializes in promoting Gambian Talents.



A lot of youngsters who are born to Gambian parents in the west don’t want to rep Gambia by any means. That is not the case with our new couple. Amie Dibba used to co-host our Celebrity Corner blog with myself Pa Ousman Joof and contributed greatly in giving great ideas and editing some of our post back in 2007. That is when she started to be Gambian oriented and after she was crowned as the first Miss Gambia USA 2007, she visited The Gambia in 2008 wearing three hats. The hat of Miss Gambia USA, Amie Dibba the singer and a Gambian Talents rep. She achieved a lot during this trip and as a result, she became very interested about The Gambia. She made a conscious effort to learn how to cook Gambian food, speak the language and wear African outfits. She has been constantly going back and forward to The Gambia promoting her music and doing philanthropic activities. This is when her journey to rep Gambia began. In 2008, she released a song encouraging Gambians to rep Gambia wherever they are “REP WEA U STAY” featuring Mo Ent ( a brother to the late Gambian music producer  M J of the pepper House crew). She does a lot of charity/volunteer work with the Gambian community in Minnesota, in The Gambia as well as other online forum that raise funds to support noble projects in The Gambia.

Ous CEO Touray has always been involved with youths and voluntary work. While going to school in The Gambia, he was a very strong member of the Bafrow Youth Advocacy Group, Gambia red cross Society just to name a few. He is currently a very strong member of “ Weurgu yaram si Gambia”- A charity organization that promotes the health wellbeing of Gambians. In 2012, Ous was in the USA not only for vacation but to raise awareness about Weurgu Yaram si Gambia which he did perfectly well together with some colleagues such as Valentine’s Kabbi Banjaky, Michael Demba, Adu Girl Secka, Anna Senghorr etc. Just recently, he did a great job promoting the Miss Gambia UK which took place on April 19th 2014.

Gambia Talents Promotion GTP hereby congratulate the happy couple and wish them success in their marriage. Please join us in wishing the couple a happy marriage.  Since both Amie and Ous are celebrities and from great families, we are sure that the planning for a big wedding is in in progress. Amie and her parents live in the US, Ous lives in UK,  and his mom lives in The Gambia. They both have family and friends in The Gambia and often travel back and forward.

The question is “where will the big wedding take place?  The Gambia, UK or USA?



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