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Gambino the Akuboy releases a new single

Gambino the Aku Boy just returned back from The Gambia where he linked up with ghetto boy records and has released yet another single promo called Anogogo dung. It talks about the challenges of life and how we should not give up no matter the challenges, trials and tribulations in our lives. This song from The Akuboy also talks about God and his abundant blessings.


Before travelling to the UK in 2007, Muhammed Hakeem Mahoney was one of the best Script writers and actors in The Gambia. He’s written and acted lead roles in a lot of stage plays and movies the most prominent of which was “Calabash” a movie he wrote and acted in”. It was in July of 2013 that the Aku Boy, while on a mission for the British Army in Kenya met with Cheiftain, a well know Kenyan rapper/singer at a club in Nairobi. Hakeem was doing some freestyle on a beat when Cheiftan introduced himself to Hakeem and asked if he (Hakeem) was a musician?  Hakeem told him that he wasn’t a musician “I just enjoy freestyling”. Chieftain invited him to his studio and asked if he was interested in making a combination song. Hakeem jokingly agreed only to discover that Cheiftain was actually serious about it. The next time they met, the result was a song title “Abuga Africa” which was a combination of Swahili , English and wollof. He continued to record a couple of songs in Nairobi and upon returning to Europe, he linked up with other artists and started taking music as a career. He recently travelled to Gambia and was able to link up with a good number of Gambian Artists like MLK,NOVA,MIKE,SOFIA . While in Gambia, he produced 3 singles with Ghetto Boy Music and had a few stage performances. He just released another one of his singles on soundcloud. So far, Hakeem is the first and only Afrobeat artist singing in his native language Aku.

Gambino is a Lance Corporal with the British Army based in Germany.

Click on the following link to watch calabash.

Click on the following link to listen to the "Anagogo dung single




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