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For the past few weeks, the whole Gambia has become really loud about the first and only Gambian online series "LOUD" which is streamed on youtube and other social media is hosted by the country's two loudest female Dejays/Emcees/Radio presenters Ya Sally Njie a.k.a Sister, Jatou Mbow a.k.a the boss chick and D J G Faal-a singer and DJ. This 15 minutes series is the first of its kind in The Gambia as seen in the presentation, HD video quality, the colors and the topics of discussion all of which put together, gives the show it's loud nature. So far, 3 episodes have been uploaded and the presenters seem to be very excited about the show.

Loud is a non-political, non-religious social media interactive show that deals with social life and entertainment in The Gambia and the outside world. On each episode, G Faal introduces a topic and asks the girls about their opinion and finally closes by asking for the public’s opinion about the topic. Since it’s not a live show, the audience will only be able to post their comments on social media after watching a particular episode. The show also features the loud song of the week which is usually one of the songs making the most noise in the country. 

So far, Gambians around the world have started to be loud about the show and episode 1 has almost 2000 views in 3 weeks According to the Boss chick, “that is really, really loud”. In episode 2, Jjatou stated that she doesn’t know about the others but she is really proud of herself. Some have been commenting on the Loud Gambia facebook and Youtube page and one Momodou Cham said “not bad for a start but plz work on the camera stuff n u knw like MAM FATOU CHAM said rek... thank you guys for bringing something new in town, ur show is getting popular for REAL!”

Several other comments followed which suggest that it’s a great initiative but there is room for improvement and hope the crew takes them in to consideration and not take it personal.

As seen in episode 3, Jatou was defensive trying to break it down to the audience explaining why and why not certain things are done. But we say keep your head up girl and don’t be distracted by what people have to say. Take the sense out of what they say to build and improve yourself/your show and throw the rest in the garbage.

We encourage all Gambians and friends for The Gambia to support our own. You can watch/listen to loud through these social media links




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