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By Prof Saikou Suwareh JABAI

Blacklinx celebrates the 5th anniversary of their most talked-about GRTS TV show, dubbed ‘Fiila’, on Friday and Saturday, at Jakarlo Center Stage and Brikama Jokor respectively. The program, organizers say, was aimed at celebrating the achievements the show has registered and of course; serving as a platform for the fans to enjoy the live performances of their favorite musicians who have been whetting their appetites with their classic and fascinating music videos. Even though the show was generally described as a ‘success’, many believed it was not as jam-parked and interesting as the previous years.

The smooth organization of the shows were oddly impacted with date changes and the line-up of artists was characterized by medium class names, a move, which was highly hailed by Gambians, particularly, up and coming musicians. As usual, the show touched-off with a freestyle segment and at 01:30 hours, the masters of the ceremony, XMlys and Blacka Shine, mounted the stage to formally open the show with the national anthem. Silky Crise started the performance with the Green Light Band and immediately after, the Humanity Stars Band took over the stage to back the rest of the line-up. Other official performing artists includes Bai Babu, S.T, Sambu The Unstoppable, MLC, Idealistic, Kerr Gi Family, Nyancho and Lixen.

Speaking to Gambia Talents Entertainment News after the show, Blacka Shine said it’s a beautiful feeling for the fans to come out and celebrate this joyous day with them, saying: “Fiila is not just our show but everybody’s show. It’s about Gambian music, the entrepreneurship and the way of life.” She said the performances were awesome and that all the artists delivered to the best of their abilities. Asked about the inspiration behind such a line-up with the exclusion of the big names like Gee, T-Smallz, etc, this was what she replied: “It’s about growth and progress. We are showing that the music is growing here in Gambia. There are more talents out there so let’s showcase them. We have a lot of artists that can give Gambia good talent show why not use them?”

For Abdou Karim Wargan, the show was ‘relatively successful’. “I would not called it very successful for what I was hoping to get but people seem to have fun and the performances went great so thank God”. On the importance of the show, he said they are now trying to dedicate it to the relatively-less big artists and that that is definitely the impact they are looking at more for the Fiila. He added that this will give them the platform of a stepping stone to get to the bigger heights. On what’s responsible for the success, he labeled that hard work and dedication over the years and however harped on the financial constraints they have faced in setting-up the show. Wargan finally thanked the media and all their partners in development for their immense contribution to the success of the shows.


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