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In the spirit of Gambianism, please join us in wishing Ya Sally Njie a.k.a Sista Njie a happy 10 year anniversary in the media. The producer and host of “the most popular” radio talk show in The Gambia (WAH SA HALAT) started her carrier in 2004 through the help of her friend’s father serving as a volunteer presenter of a sports show at West Coast Radio where she worked until early this year (2014) when she moved to Capital FM in Banjul. The “Wah sa hat” lady also Emceed a gazillion of big events in The Gambia and recently became a co-presenter of a new online TV Series “Loud Gambia”. She is also dating one of the best and most seasoned Gambian Reggae singers ENC

Prof Saikou Suwareh Jabai, the Chief Executive Officer of The Spotlight Entertainment in an open letter to Sista described her as a lady with great initiatives who contributing greatly to the Gambian entertainment scene “Your tremendous efforts in contributing to the acceleration of the Gambia's music industry is a clear manifestation of your commitment to duties and love for the arts. Your welcoming initiatives like the 'Wah Sah Halat' and others have gone a long way in establishing your brand name as one of the shakers and movers of the entertainment scene.” Echoed Mr Jabai.

In an exclusive interview with Sista Njie on the Gambian Talents Celebrity Corner posted on Saturday April 26th, 2014, Sista took us through her journey as a media personnel and her personal life among other things.

In this interview, Gambian Talents described Sista as “a hot headed sister who is not afraid to call a spade by its name, she is the one. She is typically dang-nyam and interesting. Sista, as she is popularly called is not afraid to deal with the issues that most people avoid. This is evident in her popular WAH SA HALAT show where sister places the most controversial issues in The Gambia’s entertainment industry on the table for public consumption. Click here to read the full interview.






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