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Gambian former Minister Mr. Landing Jallow Sonko was finally laid to rest on Wednesday  October 21st 2015.

Mr Sonko who was hit by a car over a week ago was airlifted to a hospital in Dakar where he remained in a critical condition until his death earlier on Monday. His body was brought back to The Gambia on Tuesday while funeral arrangements were made. He was finally laid to rest on Wednesday evening.

Mr. Sonko's funeral was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life including politicians, musicians, government officials, religious leaders, his family, friends and other loved ones.

Notable among those who attended were Mr. M C Cham, Mr. Halifa Sallah of the PDOIS, Ms Elizabeth Rena-form speaker of the National Assembly, Alh Sering Secka- Actor, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe of the UDP, Imam Pa Njie of Pipeline Mosque, Former S G Abdoulie M. Sallah, Mass Axis Gai former minister of Fisheries, current Deputy Speaker of the National assembly Fatou Mbye, Mr. Mustapha Saine of KMC, Pipeline Muslim elders, Banjul Muslim elders and Sika village elders.

It was also attended by a cross section of women and women kafos including sympathizers of the former PPP.

Mr, Sonko worked as a school teacher and taught in a lot of schools before getting into party politics.

He is a true Gambian pride. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

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