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On Friday May 23rd 2014, Omar K Badjie whose facebook name is (Omz K. Badjie) wrote on his facebook page, “This Boy was stabbed on the face with a knife by a very close friend Reliable sources can confirm. Sources confirm that the two friends were in a war of words about the coming FIFA World in Brazil....He is now been hospitalized @ Serrekunda hospital in Kanifing.” Reported Omar.

Seriously! Stabbing someone for just an argument over world cup. This must be a joke. We are not sure how true the story is but if it is true, we hope it is further investigated and the friend brought to book?  Even if this story is not true though, these kinds of incidents are very common in The Gambia. A lot of mid-aged guys don’t know how to control their tempers and often takes things personal whenever they engage each other into a conversation about any topic. I am sure they meant to have a debate which ended up into an argument. Whatever the case is, arguing over world cup should not get to a point of physical aggression and altercation. Few years ago, I remember one of our “kotos” at Haddington was also stabbed by another “koto” at the “ghetto” over a silly argument. He lost his life of course. It’s about time we learn to control our tempers and manage our anger. Here in the US, one can pay a big fine or even go to jail for mare verbal altercation let alone physical abuse as in this case. We hope and pray that the boy (whose name was not mentioned by Omar) gets better.

Our reporter tried to reach Omar for further elaboration on the issue but to no avail. Omar also deleted the post from his timeline by the time of going to press.

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