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Ahmed Camara is a seven year old currently attending Danson Primary School in London Borough of Bexley. He started playing football at the age of four and when he turned five, he began playing at a soccer school for a local football club (AFC ALLSTARS).  Ahmed joined the club’s under-six team where he quickly made progress and moved to the under-seven team a year later.  

Ahmed’s football talent was spotted by scouts from Chelsea and Tottenham at the middle of last year when they began following his matches on Sundays. Ahmed plays as a left winger and sometime a striker. He was finally invited this year to Chelsea Academy development Centre where he is currently developing until he reaches the legal age of eight for full academy. He is also playing for Tottenham at their development Centre simultaneously. Ahmed’s brother Foday Camara who is ten, is also a talented footballer and now waiting for a trial with Chelsea academy. 

As parents, Bakebba Camara & Yasin Jobe Camara, are constantly supporting the two boys with their football development programmes. "We take them to matches and trainings on regular basis, providing parental support. Ahmed’s schedules are the more challenging of the two due to playing for two development Academies plus his current club. We work seven days a week with the boys and also fitting in our own normal jobs."

Ahmed is currently the top goal scorer for his Club and he is among the top under seven kids at the academy development centre. Ahmed likes football and is wonderful watching him playing.

Kudos to Ahmed’s Parents Bakebba Camara and Yasin  Jobe Camara for supporting their kids in pursuing their career goals. A good number of Gambian parents abroad are so busy chasing the dollar/Euro that they barely CREATE time for their kids. Some even discourage the kids or complain about the money they have to spend in supporting the kids to pursue their dreams. Little did they know that if that kid happens to succeed in whatever career they pursue, they will be the first to enjoy the success? About a month ago, we published the story of Lamin Barrow who finally made to the NFL playing American football. Every Gambian is proud of him.  Click here to read the full story of Lamin Barrow. “Hawmasi daradeh, waye Kelifam yi ted neng beh faw.” Parents, please create time for your kids and  support them in whatever they want to pursue as a career.










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