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Omar Jatta was born in Bakau in The Gambia where he went to school and did most of his childhood life. He started boxing in 2006 when he was 17 years old and has since then made lot of progress as a boxer.

On Saturday February 28th, Omar represented Gambia at the Global Boxing Council (GBC Championship Boxing 2015) World’s middle weight Title against  Dominik Ameri (D)Turgay Uzun in Hamburg Germany and won the belt.
“I was fighting on 28.02.2015.This fight was dedicated to the Gambian People. It was really great to represent the Gambia. And I will always represent the Gambia. I thank the Minister Hon. Alieu K. Jammeh for giving me the National Flag. Gambia for life. Love you all.”

Omar currently lives in Salzburg Austria but goes to Germany to fight. “I only come to Germany for fights. My dream is to go back home to The Gambia the place I was born and continue my boxing career. I lived in Europe since 2004 and I think it’s enough now.” Said Omar.

We at Gambian Talents are proud of Omar and all other Gambian Talents around the world.

Congratulations Omar. Keep repping Gambia.

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