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Contrary to our earlier report that Gambian born professional soccer play Modou Barrow of Swansea City has chosen Sweden over Gambia, we hereby clarify that we still stand by every single word in the article. Yes, the headline is what caught the attention of most or almost all of our readers but we can tell that a lot of folks have not read the full story thus leading to them reacting wrongly. The story stated that neither Barrow, nor his representatives, until the time of going to press have released any public statement that we were aware of. Secondly, we have also reached out to Barrow personally to confirm his stance and the writer of the story also reached out to the GFF to react to Mr. Hakan Ericton’s statement that “Barrow promised to commit his future to Sweden in a previous dialogue with the Swansea City man”, but to no avail. Shortly after our publication, folks started sharing links of Barrow’s official statement as well as the BBC report confirming his allegiance to play for Gambia.

What we can do is apologize to folks who feel offended about the article especially the headline, but we will also be quick to add that the content of the story was very accurate and well put together. Our recommendation is for our people to start reading more in-depth. I’m saying this because this is not the first time we wrote a story and got a lot of reaction from people who didn’t read the full content  before reacting and taking it personal.

At the end of the day, Gambia sunyu Gambia la and we all have a responsibility to protect the image of the country and raise our flag to higher heights. This is what we all want, for Barrow to rep Gambia. We are all proud of him now but how was it for him few years ago when his deceased mom (RIP) was struggling to buy him football shoes when he was in The Gambia or when he struggled with his dad in his early days in Sweden? Did Gambia bring him to play for us then or offer any hands to his parents? No we didn’t. We were one of the first Gambian media houses to report Barrow’s deal with Swansea city in which he unveiled a lot of his struggle which only made him who he is today. But the bottom line is that Gambia did not do much for him then. Why should we claim him now?  

On our “Lutakh Gambia du dem show” this morning, we talked about why we Gambians don’t support each other and we used the music industry and how we value and patronize Senegalese musicians more than ours. We made reference to Singateh’s performance with Pape Diouf in the UK last night, Pa Omar Jack’s performance with Titi in Atlanta last July 4th, Musa Ngum’s celebrating his 40 years anniversary and why Gibou Balla Gaye is quitting music. We concluded that all this is as a result of the lack f support from our people. We like to associate ourselves with people’s successes but hardly do much to help them morally, emotionally or financially to achieve their dream. Talents, especially we don’t value at all. All our Gambian talents barely spend up to 10 years pursuing their God given talents as a career before they quit and look for something else to do, all attributed to the lack of support from our people.

Neng len wech gikoyi, neng len rahas khol yi, neng len japalanteh, neng len surura lanteh, neng len bayi nyiro nyaayo ak di suul jef. Sung ko defut, Gambia du dem fen.


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