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Although he is mostly known as “Pilot Sanyang” on social media, Alajie Sanyang is a 26 year old male who was born in [and lives in] Brikama, The Gambia. Being an older child, much is expected of Mr. Sanyang. His family resources are not enough to sustain the household because both parents do not have a fixed income (mom is a petty trader and dad is an unqualified technician). Thus, the parents assisting Mr. Sanyang in pursuit of his dream of building and flying a plane is impossible. His family does not have the financial resources to sponsor his education because sustaining the household with the meagre income they acquire is a priority.
An Interview with Mr. Sanyang:
Q: What is your goal in life?
A: My goal is to be an aeronautical engineer and setup an aviation company with the name Cross Atlantic Airline (C.A.A) in the future.
Q: Do you have people in your family who can assist with your goal?
A: No, I don’t not have any member of my family who can help me with my goal because they thought it is not a useful thing for them to participate in.
Q: Once you achieve your dream, how will it benefit your family?
A: In so many ways! For example, my younger brothers and sisters to succeed in school and have a higher portfolio in their education and live better lives than I do. I also want my parents to stop the everyday struggling they are doing for the family’s daily survival.

As you can see, Mr. Sanyang has many obstacles to overcome, including reaching a threshold that will gain him entrance into colleges or universities in Europe or the United States. That means he must be tutored for his A Levels examination in The Gambia, and be provided the financial means for transportation to/from school, educational materials, etc. Many people have expressed interest in helping Mr. Sanyang realize his dream and we are confident there are many cheerleaders like you out there! To succeed in doing this, we must work as one team to make things materialize for Pilot. Mr. Saul Mbenga and Mr. Banka Manneh are the leaders of this initiative. If you are interested in doing anything for Pilot Sanyang, You can contribute by doing the following:
-Please send a donation through gofundme to enable us prepare him for his high school diploma; transportation to and from school, buying reading materials, etc. -- details are on the Pilot Alajie Sanyang Fund page on Facebook, or contact Mr. Mbenga and Mr. Manneh for more information.
-If you live in a college/university community or have connections to those systems, please get in touch with the organizers of this group to discuss strategies regarding enrolment, financial assistance, scholarships, etc. Also show Pilot’s video to them – we know they will be inspired!
-If you are willing to sponsor his education overseas or host him during his stay in the Diaspora, please contact Saul Mbenga and Banka Manneh.

Saul Mbenga, Banka Manneh, Joana Willingham, Eugenia Barnett, Paul Mendy, Awa Sey


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