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Mrs. Faith Cole MRG is a very proud, supportive and positive Gambian based in UK. Cole, a true philanthropist is well known for contributing to the development of The Gambia especially in the health sector.

She once donated 140,000 pounds for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the A and E units at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital now Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul. She also donated Ambulances to the Health ministry after which President Jammeh awarded her with MRG in recognition of her patriotic fervor.

 Mrs Faith Cole was trained originally as a nurse in Scotland and now works as a company director in London.  She also has her own Clinic and Nursing Agency. Her Nursing agency specializes in providing employment opportunities for Nurses, Health Care Assistance and Doctors who are sent to private Nursing homes and hospitals. Her services are not only limited to the UK but extends to different Arab countries such as Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.


Faith’s passion is to help people in need and she wants to start that at her native country The Gambia. One of Faith’s feature projects is to build an internationally renowned Hospital in The Gambia with all the necessary resources to treat illnesses and conditions that are currently untreatable in The Gambia thus reducing the export of medical tourism and bring in more foreign currency in the country.  This hospital will also help the Medical and Nursing students in The Gambia to gain more experience in their fields. 

Faith Cole has a big heart. One of her plans is to open a large poultry farm in The Gambian which will create employment opportunities for a large number of Gambians especially the youths.

Keep it up sister Faith Cole, Gambia is proud of you.


By Hydara Karara

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