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The Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Arabic Schools of SBEC International School, last Friday 12th June, 2015, graduated a total of 68 pupils at a colorful ceremony held at the school in Bijilo. The 13th occasion, that graduates 52 from the ECD English-French and 16 from ECD English-Arabic, brought together current and past students of the school, administrators, teachers and parents.

An ECD student graduate, Mariama Jah, gave the welcoming remarks in French. She welcomed the participants and thanked the parents for their continuous support to their children.

In his keynote address, the Head of the ECD section, Mr. Ousman Trawally, said the children have completed the general and specific requirements to graduate from Reception 2 of the ECD Unit to grade 1 of their primary school. He said the day marks 13 years of the school’s holistic child development and of providing quality education to the children of the world, dominated by Gambian children, thus complementing the Gambia government’s educational policy and goals.

The head said they have been able to help the children to develop thinking skills, language skills in English, French and Arabic, reasoning, calculation and memory skills, among others. Socially, he said they have been able to help the children to build and maintain positive interaction and relationships by inculcating discipline in them, through positive means and attitude of appreciation and thankfulness.  

Through various motor skills and in constant consultation with their parents, Mr. Trawally said they keep the children healthy, strong and alert with consciousness of proper nutrition which is also provided at the school.

Mr. Trawally thanked the Gambia government through the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education Directorate 2, for providing the enabling environment for the smooth running of their standard bilingual international institution.

For the Head of the Arabic section, Mr. Jarjusey, the day marks another milestone for the noble school. He said this is the first gradation of his section as that component of SBEC was established in September, 2014. According to Mr. Jarjusey, the vision of the school is to make Arabic education accessible to children. He said the students were exposed to Quranic recitations, calculations, language and other skills as offered in standard schools. He thanked the parents for their support and noted that the school is committed to achieving its objectives.

The guest speaker of the occasion, Mr. Yankuba Manneh, expressed delight to be associated with the program. He spoke on the theme ‘Their Future in Our Hands’ and said it is the universal right of the child to be fed, cloth, sheltered and educated. He dilated on the numerous roles of parents in children’s development, saying their future solely lies on the hands of their parents. He complimented SBEC for their valuable contribution to the development of children of the world and Gambian children in particular. Mr. Manneh urged teachers to be steadfast in serving the school to the best of their ability by maintaining standard and quality education. To the students, the speaker advised them to respect their parents and be serious in their further education.

The students showcased the knowledge and skills they have learnt during the course through a presentation of numbers and letter sounds, songs, poems, drama, choreography, and Quranic recitations. The students were later awarded certificates and outstanding ones were given prizes.

By Saikou Suwareh Jabai
For Gambian Talents Education column

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