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Last week Friday, June 19th 2015, Hundreds of people from Brufut and neighboring communities gather in Sanchaba to witness the grand opening of a brand new Masjid to be called  Masjid Aali Yaasirr Brufut Sanchaba –

According to Mr. Muhammad Jobe, the presenter of the Ila Dino Long/ Ham sa dineh show on the Gambian Talents Radio who is also the Imam of the Masjid, the project started since two years ago. The land on which the masjid is built was given to them for free and the construction was fully sponsored by Gambians in the country and those in the diaspora.

Speaker to this reporter after the grand opening, Mr. Jobe said “The only challenge we faced was meeting the right people with the heart to support such initiatives.  Alhamdu lillah, the response was great and all we can do is pray for the project.  We plan to embark on many similar projects after realizing that we have many Gambians who wants to spend on such or similar noble courses.”


Imam Jobe went further to thank the Donors, Project Managers, Workers, and Well Wishers for participating in this great initiative of erecting another house for Allah. “All your Prayers, Funds, Ideas, and Efforts have reached us in the best faith. Praise be to Allah, we have exceeded our expectations and we will do our utmost best to maximize the return of your investments Inshallaah. Only Allah has the power to fully reward a project like this. Concluded Imam Jobe.


35 year old Muhammad Jobe did all his studies in the Gambia.. “ I have never traveled anywhere for studies. I’m just struggling to seek knowledge here locally, Lol.  Thanks a lot brother. I have always been praying for Allah to bless me with knowledge that I can use to benefit the Ummah In sha Allah.”   . 

Imam Jobe attended Alieu Ibn Abi Talib Primary School in Kortong and Crab Island Junior and Muslim Senior Secondary School in

Banjul respectively. He also attended  Omar Bun Abdul Aziz Islamic Institute in Kanifing, Business Training Center in Bakau where he studied  Information Technology and Management Development Institute MDI in Kanifing where he studied CISCO Networking and Management. He is now doing his BA in Islamic Studies and Management at the University of The Gambia in addition to taking lessons from a few respected scholars in the Gambia.

Until the opening of this Masjid in Brufut, Muhammad Jobe is the head Imam of the MDI mosque and the Secretary of the African Muslims Agency. He is also the presenter of the Weekly Ila Deeno Long show on The Gambian Talents Radio and website. He also posts weekly video to the Gambian Talents Facebook page educating the Ummah on a host of issues from an Islamic perspective. Imam Jobe speaks Mandinka, Wollof, Serer, English and Arabic. Congratulation to Imam Jobe and the entire people of Brufut.










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