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PK Jarju reports that Poignant tributes have been pouring in on the social media to a University of the Gambia lecturer, Dr Saja Taal, who died on Wednesday after a brief illness.

Dr Taal, taught political science, management, public administration and tourism at the university and wrote many scholarly and influential papers including Pan Africanism- An African liberation ideology against the domination of Africans by Whites.

He once served as administrative secretary of the ruling APRC party and managing director of the pro-government Daily Observer newspaper.

Paying tribute to the late lecturer, Prince Almameh James Manga, a law student at the University of the Gambia wrote: “It is hard to eulogize any man -- to capture in words not just the facts and the dates that make a life, but the essential truth of a person -- their private joys and sorrows; the quiet moments and unique qualities that illuminate someone’s soul. How much harder to do so for a giant of history in this country, who moved a nation toward self empowerment in the area of education, and in the process moved hundreds or even thousands in the country and even beyond. Given the sweep of his life, the scope of his accomplishments, the adoration that he so rightly earned, it’s tempting I think to remember Dr Saja Taal as an icon, smiling and serene, detached from the tawdry affairs of lesser men. My tears are falling.”
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Another Facebook user, Abu-Bakar Kandeh wrote: “The Socrates of the Gambia has left us at a very demanding time. The Gambia has definitely lost one of her greatest son. You have being a source of inspiration to thousands of students in the UTG. We will forever remember you Sir.”

Alhaji Abubakar Darbo added: “I feel extremely sad to learn about the demise of Gambia's finest political scientist, a philanthropist, counselor, father to his uncountable students, my lecturer and friend Prof. Saja Taal. Words are scarce to describe how much lost we the Gambian students have today. He is undoubtedly our Sheikh Anta Diop. May the merciful lord have mercy on him. We will badly miss you Professor.”

Ablie Jabang said: “The UTG has lost one of its longest serving Professor who is the supervisor of master of art in responsible tourism at the UTG Graduate School of Research, and he was a Political Science lecturer. Professor Saja Taal was among the few Gambians of his age that got their PhD and came back to the Gambia, served his people till his demised. He lives with honour, and I wish I can do what he did before death would take me May your soul rest in perfect peace Prof, and we would forever remember you!

Ousman Sowe wrote: “The Fula adage says when a knowledgeable person dies, then a whole library has been burnt to ashes. The death of Dr Saja Taal is a loss to the entire nation and even beyond. The reduction of the number of knowledgeable people is a threat to the advancement of society. Dr Taal has played his part in nation building and shall be remembered forever. May Allah reward him for service he's done to humanity.”
Written by PK Jarju

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